Awareness, the aha moment, the I figured it out, usually does not come in a gentle moment.

It comes usually after you have driven down a winding mountain road..with a downpour that resembles the flood..and the windows are so fogged can only drive at a snails pace. And you are not even sure if you are on the road anymore.

That is what coming into awareness..knowledge entails..

The dark night of the soul.

It usually shows us what we contain within our soul and what we really want.

And the arduous path is what forges it within us.

Struggles, situations, moments are presented to us with the goal of refining our choices.

Determining our wants, needs, desires and how to achieve them.

One is always offered two options and from there they decide. And that decision propels you into the next decision.

The great part about decisions and choices is you can make another choice at any time.

And go forth in that direction.

Yet you must deal with the results of the previous choices, the previous direction you were once headed.

Some people do not mind that and some people do.

Some have the mentality that what is done is done and they have changed their mind and that is it.

Sadly it does not work that way.

I only discover what the direction I need to be going, by slamming into a few walls.

Walking into a dark room with small pin lights to illuminate the next step in front of us.

And the greatest part of this is faith..trusting that the pathway will reveal itself as you reveal yourself.

As you reveal what you are after, what you are pursuing, the path will show itself.

And the question begged of you is this…Are you sure..?

Incidents, occurrences, events will all line up just for you.

It will refine our choices to the finest silver and gold.

It will show the fiercest of gems and the brightest blue sky.

It will make or break us.

It will be us, by our choices.

These choices are never formed in a party or the sweet amble through the woods.

And decisions are usually made and determined from our soul as we gaze upon the scars and wounds dressed upon our body.

It is through the fire we determine what we are and what we will put forth in this world.

And how much time will we spend on the games with others who like to keep you blind.

And how much time will you spend on the making of you.

Asset or Hindrance..?



~ by HopeGlenn on August 11, 2017.

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