I love how life talks…

Everything comes at just the right moment..not a nanosecond before or after.

Exactly when you need that information.

Kind of like the truth..it always comes out..exactly on time.

Not on time for anyone else..but for you.

I heard a quote yesterday in my travels.

Love to listen to podcasts as I drive.

This is what was said..

An apology can only be given to another only when the act was accidental..the person had no intention of doing anything to another person warranting an apology.

So a narc/abuser/sociopath/psychopath can never ever apologize.

Hmmm..let that percolate…

They know this…down to the tee..

That is why they use it…because it is not genuine.

An apology can only be offered to another when one accidentally does something to another.

Classic example would be bumping into another…oh excuse me..I am sorry.

We, especially women have been trained to apologize for everything, even breathing.

We apologize so much for our mere existence and that it must have been a mistake the way we are that we..starve ourselves to present a society acceptable version of the female body..yet this is usually induced from one being shamed because shameful acts have been done to the woman/girl child


We put enough makeup on our faces to plaster the entire kingdom of make up make believe land..


We become as big as a tank which is fear and shame in its most angriest form and keeps people away..

The anger part is good, yet it is self directed..so that is not okay.

So apologies can only come from accidental acts..not intentional acts.

An abuser..etc..does things with intention under full knowledge of what it will do..with full knowledge of repeating the act ..when you have accepted the apology..under the belief they did not mean it and wont do it again.

A good soul apologizes because they did not mean to do something to another and apologizes with the full intention of never letting it happen again.

See the difference…?

So apologizing can only be from accidental occurrences.

So why are we accepting apologies from morons..who are trying their damnedest to destroy you..?

And why are they doing it..?

Simply for the reason that you are so filled with light and love and they chose puke, poop and evil.

How many times have you braced yourself for the okay I accept your apology..I forgive you..for the same act done a million and one times done to you..?

How many times have you changed the direction you are going..changed plans..rerouted because you know the thing apologized is going to happen again..and again..?

Like 5 zillion..Im close I know.

How many times did my ex-husband the father of my children apologize for beating his children and said it would not happen again..he was just a bit frustrated..

I have lost count..

How many scars are upon my body from my ex-husband because I stepped into the line of fire of his false apology..

I have lost count..

How many times have you heard..geez you are so sensitive..if you didn’t do that I would not have to be doing that…?

You see these evil people do everything with the intent of taking life from people..and not people like them..pardon me..meat suits..

But from people like you and me..

People so filled with light and love..people who have chosen LOVE over everything..

We cannot even fathom wounding another to get something from them..

It is like telling me to go kick my kid learning to ride a bicycle..

That is what an apology from meat suits is about..

See you focused, trying to accomplish something, see you unsteady cause you are learning, and then call your name so you turn around and then kick the bike and say..it was an accident and why are you not paying attention..

Because they know how we are wired..we would never think..that act was intentional because we would never do it.

Like when my youngest son was roller- blading, he was 3 years old..and I was holding his hand and my ex said let his hand go..let him hit the pavement..he wont do it again right..haha..

So what you think..he wanted the best for him..or was he well on his way of making me look like the overprotective, weak mother..who never wanted her children to leave her apron strings..?

Apology is asked with the heart of making a mistake..knowing there was no intention of hurting another..so one apologizes..and the act is never repeated again..

That is a true apology.

A meat suit apologizes, or uses the words with glee knowing they have wounded you, with full intent of causing you soul harm and hopefully physical harm.

And when you react they proclaim to the world how unforgiving, cold, angry, frigid you are..

So..look at the person apologizing..

What are they about..?

Accept accordingly if they are not a meat suit…and watch it never happen again.

Tell the meat suits…

To go to hell..not a long trip for them..they sitting in the hot box wanting a cool drink..dont be that drink..

be the person..that when you apologize..you never have to say it again.

Be that person, that others know, you mean your apologies..and that you aint apologizing for another’s crimes..that they full on meant to do..

Live a life..that does not require you apologizing for breathing..

Life a life of intent..

Live a life of purpose..

Live a life that causes others to look away from their cell phone, pads and television..


Can only come from truth and sincerity.

Not from a meat suit playing the pity violin..




~ by HopeGlenn on August 4, 2017.

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