Dont Worry

Dont worry, you will find it. It is out there, so close waiting for you to find it.

It calls to you when you are closer than before.

It has leaves down from the heavens down to you and lie at your feet.

It suddenly whips through the high branches of the trees, calling your eyes upward.

It breathes the warm as your hand touches the cold of the word that once spoke doubt.

It is the light air balloon, bubbles that fill you, when you swear you are a filled with lead, glued to that place.

Dont worry, it hears your voice, knows the sound, is always waiting, never hides.

Dont worry, you have come forth and all that you thought you were has passed away, passed on by like the snake shedding its skin and the sudden bluster of air forcing its way through you.

Dont worry, you are not at a buffet of all the foods you dislike and have to choose the lesser of evils.

Before you stands you.

The person who was there taking the blows, heard the words, bled as you did and do.

They never changed.

They are in the words of doubt you spoke that this meat suit just might be wrong, and that they were trying to hide something so mighty and so valuable from you.

Dont worry, you are right about each and every thought that came upon this forehead, some had words and some never spoken.

Dont worry you do not want to erase the words that came forth from your mouth as actions and words were thrown at you like land mines and grenades.

They each are perfect and your response was perfect for the chaotic evil meant to hang you up from the neck.

Dont worry, you will learn how to breath again, you will feel your heartbeat steady and musical within your being.

Dont worry, the nightmares will cease, yet the tears will remain as they continually wash away every bit of grime inflicted upon you that soap and water did nothing to clean.

Dont worry, tears will come at the blue of the sky and the sweetness of a hot cup of tea, and the giggle with a tear down the cheek as you sit and eat an ice cream cone.

Dont worry, the need to binge watch television for another story or ways to escape this life will fade away, without leaving stains on the floor, and your eyes will be directed into another direction and you will find what you like these eyes and ears to take in.

Dont worry, you never left, you were not killed, nor forgotten.

You are like the sweet honeysuckle scent that dances upon the wind.

You are the breeze that moves the hair off the shoulder and wraps gently around you like the shawl from one you love.

You are the smile contained within the simple gesture of hello.

Dont worry, you are endless.

Dont worry, nothing is impossible.

This I know better than anything..

For what I was told I could not have, could not be, could not say…is all gone like the useless words spoken to create illness in a soul.

Dont worry,

Everything that was taken, is being given back.

Everything that was stolen, is returned new.

Everything that was dirtied, has been restored.

Everything that once turned away, can only see you.

Dont worry

You have not changed, been remodeled and have to live in a split level when you are a bungalow.

Dont worry.

You are still here, and the adventure awaits.

Whether it is to travel to places you only read about in books, try things you were told were not for you, or sit quietly by the water watching the dragonflies dance…

Do it..

In each thing you do, you will see you.

And you will see that you are not being discovered, did not go anywhere, were not killed off, are not damaged and need to be put out to pasture, or incapable of finding love or being love.

You will find you were right there all along and what they were trying so hard to make go away, to snuff out, to put in a box and have just for them to dance upon their being.

They did not count on you living and breathing again.

They thought they could open the box and place the gem upon their hand and they would look never worked..the gem does not shine for evil.

It waited patiently for you.

It is for you.

It is you.

You are the gem.

The magnificence that lives, breathes and loves.

You are not the lies, the damage, the secrets and shame.


Place your hand upon that wild heart..feel it beat..

You are that person feeling this breathe thinking..oh my..

How could I be so fortunate to be see this wind, to see the tree sway with that wind, to feel the sun kiss these cheeks, to see the blue and to laugh and cry at the same time..

You are that being..that knows this is what you are.

You are that.


~ by HopeGlenn on July 31, 2017.

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