The energy you draw to you.

The energy you speak.

The energy you think.

The energy you participate in.

Determines every thing that goes down in your life.

It is what is happening at this very moment from the choices one makes at this moment..and over and over again.

So my parting from the sociopath/ enabled my choices and thoughts to engage themselves in my life.

And people finally saw me for what I truly contained.

Rather than me standing as a shield in front of the sociopath..and I took the bullets for them.

I was not meant to take the bullets for them, clean up their messes.

As long as I was taking the bullet and cleaning up the messes I was telling people I had done something to deserve such treatment..which by the way is exactly what the sociopath/narc wants.

So if I keep standing in the way, cleaning up the messes, they never have accountability for anything.

See where I am going with this..?

They are never seen, because they are hiding behind you.

They see you bleeding and cleaning up the mess..natural assumption is you did something.

And we as beings are shamed into this belief system and told to help someone no matter what. Because if you do not..well you be going to hell.

So out of natural indoctrination because bullies bark very loudly and make you shaky..

You clean up the mess, take the bullets and believe that you are deserving of such are of the lesser beings roaming this planet.

And if you do not do this, well you might come back as a roach..or might be labelled as a co-dependent, a woman who loves too much.

These words like co-dependent are the latest “hot” words right now.

Co-dependents are beings that roam the planet getting their inner child to be abused to somehow rectify something..that they claim is why we get involved with abusers.

And my friends that is is just another method to shame people..

Make them think there is some deficit with them because they got wounded and were deserving of the wounding.

So when one is being abused and then cleans up the mess or takes the bullet for another’s actions..we take on the responsibility for their actions. We are telling our soul..that we did something wrong to deserve this treatment.

And we are telling those watching..that the abuser is right.

And nobody can see the abuser for what they really are until you step out of the spot light.

Trust me the abuser is not doing anything new to you..

Shaming people into being responsible for your actions is as old as this planet, which is quite old..

That is why abusers are successful..they keep the attention on nobody looks at them..

If you step out of view and stop cleaning up their mess..surprise..they are seen and the only one cleaning up their mess..or them.

You aint sitting in the poop pile as big as a building…NOPE.

You aint caring for them while they drink, drug and abuse…NOPE,,

And when you go silent, No Contact, move into your own life..things change mighty fast and mighty hugely wonderful..

And those people pointing fingers at you, the ones he said hated you and that is why they stayed away..(all lies of course) have to deal with them..and see him for what they are..

Without the nice cleaning you used to do..

Without the shine, wax and detailing you did on them..

They are revealed…

And so are you..

Which is the miracle of the whole thing…

The real you is present in all your beautiful glory..

Not vanity and being better than another…simply YOU.

They have to deal with the “it”..

Nobody there to make it better..

And that is a show to see..

So it is simple..

Hang with that..clean up after that..take bullets for that..people see you as that..see you at fault for that..

Step out..take responsibility for steps in..and wowzers on that..

Everything changes..

And it affects every area of your life..

You get friends…

You see those who see your life actions and say..this is a good person..I will support them.

You get to see real love…and not that movie land, commercialized, packaged crap like instant noodles..


You watch your life go from disasters to cake and ice cream all the time..

And the ability to handle, find resolutions to life issues..

And you see truth..real live truth..about you..

And all your talents come out..

Oh and you smile again..

You get something I am having a hard time finding a word for..

Simply put..

When I lay my head down now..I rest and dream of what I want..

I eat what I want, when I want..

My days are filled with my work, my desires and the “it” does not even come into play.

The impossible became possible many times a day..

Everything I dreamed of and silently hoped for is now happening..

And in all this..because I am sure the abuser will tell me I am selfish..

I see me..

The beauty..the intelligence..the sense of humor..the fabric artist..

And I am not selfish, or self centered, or vain, or deceitful or manipulative, or lazy..

And I use words to describe me from my mouth, my soul. And they are reinforced every day a million and one times a day by strangers..people who spend less than 1 minute with me.

How can that be..

It may have something to do with..

The truth always comes out.




~ by HopeGlenn on July 28, 2017.

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