On the cusp

A part of me feels like I am peeking through a window, that is open a crack..

And I have the whole Grand Canyon to see about the majesty of myself..

Yet I am peering through a small window..

Not a bad thing..just never really looked before..

And that is odd..

It reminds me of going to the Grand Canyon a number of years ago with my sons and standing and looking out and thinking..this is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And barely, just barely even touched upon the expanse of that beautiful expanse.

That is how I feel now.

And I am good with that.

I am looking at 100 days of NO CONTACT from the meat suit.

The pile of bones, skin and stuff that surgeries cannot keep intact..but hey..karma shows itself at the oddest times.

It is like looking at the pictures and going..Oh..and everything you were not able to see at the time..you now see..

And 1 is followed by 2 and then by 3…and so on and so on..

And my journal is filled with everything he ever said and everything he ever did and looking at it and saying..he lied about everything…and it is everything.

And especially anything pertaining to me.

You see these meat suits..such a nice name for them..have to throw all their perversity and ugly onto you..make you believe you are trash..

And the crazy part about it is..they are trash and they target you because you are beautiful..you make them look good..

They do not play with their own kind..

Their own kind is so busy chewing on each other and finding someone who will make them not so smelly…they aint got time to sit around having a cup of tea..chatting about how smitten they are with themselves.

They spend their time trying to make you believe you are shit, suck life from you, leave you alongside the road barely breathing and hoping, hoping you believe it.

If they convince you..well the ride is good…in an illusion stance…not really.

Because it all falls apart and they are standing their naked..and that is the last thing they want.

Yet it is what happens.

So convincing you, that you are trash and you are so fortunate to have met them, so they can right the wrongs in you and tolerate you..well..that is better than them sticking their body part in an animal and calling it a day.

So as you back out and detox and start realizing that you do not have to look through a dirty crack in a window..and that the entire Grand Canyon is yours..

You notice things…

Like pictures…most enlightening.

Captions under pictures..

You are standing in a store and someone says something to you and you think…damn..that sure isnt what the meat suit said…

See what I mean.

My decision to get away from evil..and to fight for me..has been a revolution..

And I would not want it any other way..not for a second.

I am just seeing what I am..what my talents are besides the ones I already know..

Like I am a fantastic chef..I am a fantastic designer..I am an astounding seamstress..I am excellent in math..and excel at customer service and issue resolution..

I am freaking intelligent..run like the wind..and who knew this frame existed under all that shit he dumped on me.

And I just have seen how beautiful I am..how brilliant my eyes are..how captivating my smile is..and how happy I make people..

I realize that I am very easy to get along with..and people enjoy working with me..being on my team at work and other places..because I am kind and strong and highly organized.

Geez..ever wonder why we believed the meat suit..?

So I stand at 100 days..

And have done things I never thought possible.

Have done more in these 100 days than I have done in years.

And I know everything is a lie that came from him and his family..

And those masks and props they have used to suck people in to keep him distracted so they did not have to deal with him..are falling apart quicker than they can grab a marker and make another prop..

And they have a karma hanging on them for throwing that meat suit to innocents to have to deal with..

And now they have to deal with him 24/7…no matter if he has someone else or something else in his bed..or he is in their bed…its all imploding..

And you do not have to play detective..

When you tell the universe, God, Spirit..that you will not be evil and will separate from evil..you will be shown what you need to see..without any effort on your part…

You will see how amazing you are…

Because of how hard they beat on you to convince you that you are trash..

How they still are trying to get to you so you believe you are trash, so you come back..

And they will not stop..

And remember..trash does not play with trash..it is pointless..

They only send stupid texts to each other on planning ways to smear beautiful people..

They do not have calls discussing how wondrous their life is..

They talk about ways to silence you..how to kill you..make you dead inside just like them..

And when you do not cooperate, they increase..

Pay attention..

Shit does not play with shit..it does not go to another variety of its kind and say hey..make me smell good..

They have to have something that smells good…basically not shit..

So understand..

If you are being pulverized by these meat suits, its because you are amazing…

And I am going to bet..beautiful, intelligent, kind, talented, and off the charts well outstanding.

And you know that everything they told you about another hurting them..to get pity from you..well, they were the one doing the hurting and preyed on wounded souls..

Like the time I was told his girlfriend drugged him and made him go to a hotel room and have sex in front of people while they got their jollies..

Was instigated by him, not her and he probably drugged her up considerably, and she was beaten and shamed into doing it, cause he said it would be fun and a way to prove she loved him..

Or the having sex with men using no protection and “men” brutalizing him and then him having sex with so many women we lost count,  without revealing this piece of information..

Me thinks he was the one brutalizing men, women, dogs, children…which highly explains the what 5 surgeries now to keep things on a barely functioning level.

Ummm..none of these people that he said set him up and made him do these inhumane acts are around..they have nothing to do with him..ever wonder why..?

Ever wonder why he talked so poorly about everybody..?

Ever wonder why he said everybody failed him..?

Ever wonder why they constantly have to shower and bathe..like they are constantly trying to get some stench off of them..?

Ever wonder why their homes are like the inside of a dumpster and you can never figure out what that smell is..?

It is evil..

Ever wonder why you cannot sleep…?

Ever wonder why…when you are with them you ache..and then when you are away from them for even minutes you feel like dancing..?

Ever wonder why they have constant health issues and they get bigger and bigger..

And you have no health issues..?

Ever wonder how before you would take off and go exploring…

And then suddenly you cannot get out of bed..?

Are you catching the drift here…

I have been clear 100 days..

Have done more in 100 days than I did in the almost 5 years I knew this meat suit..

Including 4 promotions…

And yes I will scream that from the mountain tops.

I am tired, but not from trying to ward off his blows or trying to clear my head…

I am tired from a good day at work, and taking a run..simple life actions..

I can lay my head down and rest knowing that today I made the world a little bit better..I put love out there..I increased life and did not diminish it..

I eat when I want and what I want and all those things the meat suit said I could not eat.

I take pristine care of this vessel..no pollution..

And today I was told my smile was captivating..

And I will take that any day..

And I will never be silent..

And everything I was told I cannot do, I am doing and will do..and so will you..

We have been peeking through a small window, smudged with dirt..

Lies, hate and jealousy piled up on you…never yours to carry..

Go to the water…with your paper..even if its a notebook, filled with everything they lied about, everything they smeared you for, everything they stomped on your heart with, everything they told you you could not do or have…and set it on fire..and throw it away..

It is all a lie.

That simple.

That profane.

And it has no power.

Step out of their karma.

It is coming for them no matter what you do.

And it is fierce and angry.

And that is the last place you want to be.

You do not want to be associated with that.

You do not want to send the message out to God, Spirit, Universe that this is how you play.

Because that will burn holes in you.

And you have something to do here..in this life..and it may not be clear right now..but it will..

Yet most of all…most of all..


Love yourself…you know how…you do..

The beginning..

The absolute best place to be..



~ by HopeGlenn on July 26, 2017.

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