Pictures tell fact..

Yet we wish they would tell a story..a story we want others to believe..rather than the fact.

And we cannot hide the fact(s) no matter how many interpretations of the pictures we give.

No matter how many words, descriptions, quick turning of the page we turn upon those observing.

If you look at a picture, the places, actions and events will unfold.

You will see who wishes the person next to them was not there.

You will see elbows used as buffers between bodies.

You will see the teeth smile..the one that says..”take the damn picture”.

You will see the body turned away from others, while opened to another.

You will see the head turned in sweetness to one and the neck tilted awkwardly away from another.

You can see who one loves and who one tolerates.

You will see arms around waists and smiles that light up the world…and you would have sworn they were blood..of the same family..but not.

You will see arms hanging along the body with forced capped smiles..and you would swear that was the enemy.

On each of these points you would be right.

One was not family..yet was family to the one all smiles, held closer than family.

People do not allow others to embrace them around the waist and pull them close, unless they love that person and hold them in high respect.

People place barriers like elbows and turning away to play the message of deep hatred and placing in a polite manner that they know the person they are turning away from..has lied to them, manipulated them, used them to hurt another.

And they want others to see the picture so they get the message. If they did not want the message blasted across the heavens, well they would make them private.

Pictures tell facts..

Not a story..


True smiles involve the eyes..and are unexpected and appreciated.

Fake smiles..ones of distress..reveal little teeth and hands guarding valuable places. or places invaded and have been told they are not of value.

So it seems the tables have turned against the tide…and the train is going a different direction.

It is not only those on the outskirts who show their hate, but the intimates who now blast to the world their desire to not be known or associated with this person.

The truth..always comes out.

And it is not really patience one needs to let the truth surface…because it always does..

One must simply..get out of the way..stop painting the room happy yellow when it really is vomit grey.

Stop cleaning up their messes.

Stop having inane circling the tree, like a dog chasing its tail, conversations where they feed you one more excuse so they can have one more day to do their filth.

Let it simmer, then bubble to the top.

Let it get in focus.

Help it to detox.

Move all the growling tigers and the flying trapeze out of the way.

Shut off the bright lights and listen and look.

Give it a moment..seconds really and the picture unfolds..facts appear.

All you have to do is look.

All you have to do is look.

All you have to do is look.



~ by HopeGlenn on July 22, 2017.

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