Letting Go…Day 90

I greatly like..like..like the term letting go.

I could say I love it, yet I use the term LOVE a bit more close to the heart.

An example would be this..

I thought I loved the narc/sociopath/psychopath but I did not..

Each of those 3 relationships were illusions, deceptions..you are being tricked into thinking they are something they are not.

And for all of them, well take out my father..because he did not try to hide what he was.

I loved an illusion.

The person became a copy of me..and boys I take that as a compliment.

And I take it as a bigger compliment that I have decided to exit the relationship with the narc/sociopath/psychopath.

So “letting go” has been a process.

One I will do over and over again..not the sick sick relationships, but the journey of letting go of those things that bring destruction into my life.

I decided careless eating would stop..and if funds would not allow at the time..I would stretch out those items until resources allowed for more. But less money in my heart did not allow for careless foods for me.

I decided to never have alcohol again. Alcohol puts an energy into you that literally and figuratively extracts the soul from you.  And eventually the body becomes so polluted the soul departs that body and it is consumed by the dark, death energy.

You, are no longer present because you are not safe within that being.

So why is a 3 second rush worth that?

Kind of like unsafe sex..the thrill of doing something dangerous and with someone dangerous for a 3 second rush..and oh yes, alcohol is always involved and said to be the reason for such actions.

I decided to never be in a relationship whether friend or lover that is sick..or me tolerating abuse out of fear..thinking that they have some power they do not.

Many people worry about the smear campaign…


Yes it pinches at first, does not really hurt..what makes us uncomfortable is we believe the lies, the smearing. We think they are deserved because we got out of a relationship that was wrong, wrong.

We say..I should have worked harder…how so?…is having your body parts cut off doing better…?

Think about what you say..

You draw that crap in..

Use your words..

And the smearing of you..is it true..?

Ummm no..so walk away.. even with sweaty palms and shaky legs.

Who you are will show itself when you take off that cloak of their hate and lies.


Once you let this sick relationship go, you will see some differences..

I will use me as an example..

Ex husband..cancer 4 times, had significant body parts cut off, diabetes, heart disease..I could go on for days, legal and criminal issues to write a book on.

Narc/sociopath and his family..cancer, cancer, cancer anorexia nervosa, obesity, heart attacks, stroke, schizophrenia, many surgeries to keep body parts in and many surgeries to get bacteria out, shunts, pills, pills, pills, dementia, HIV, legal and criminal issues to write a book on.

And that is just some of the physical aspects.

Me, nada nothing..no cancer, no dementia, not even a torn fingernail.

Are you getting the picture.

When you play with evil you can easily become evil.

So let it go..

Walk away, run away, skip away…go away.

Who you are will come out..and what they are, is out.

And honestly, do you really want to be around people who play in that sandbox..?

Do your job, do it well..so when the ugly opens its mouth..people will look about and take the trash out..

You cannot be taken from you..

You cannot be made silent..

You cannot become nothing..

You are awake, thinking, seeking.

They are describing themselves, not you.

FEAR..False Evidence Appearing Real.

Isn’t that what the abuser did to you..

Mirrored you, made you think they were something they were not.

False evidence appearing real…

That is what it is..

Love bombing, word salad, mirroring, oh soulmate oh my, gaslighting, degrading, devalue, brainwashing.

It is not yours to have..its theirs.

Cause we know misery loves company.


~ by HopeGlenn on July 18, 2017.

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