This is not a game.

This is not a game. But for those of you who think it is, let me specify the guidelines and rules.

This is life. Total complete in it. Aware of everything. And accepts nothing but the best.

When one realizes they are with a narc/sociopath/psychopath you spend a moment or two feeling like you are being held under water.

The feeling dissipates and you are up for air all the time. The “situation” is that you most likely wont like the air you are breathing.

You can say to yourself..I should have known better..been wiser..not been fooled..

But the greatest\, most aware, most wondrous human beings get fooled.

So why lay in the crap pile they crapped for you and said “Come here sweetheart in my bed of roses”.

You were fed a whole lot of lies and they played with the most precious and beautiful parts of beings…your soul. And they hoped to achieve you looking at the world from the highly disfigured view they hold and you becoming as stinky as they do..and go silent.

So what happens when you do not hold their view and you do not go silent…

Umm they panic.

They count on you believing that you are ugly..because don’t they start by telling you how beautiful you are…and then when you are having a bad hair day, they chop you off at the knees and remind you how vain you are and all the time you spend primping and preparing.

They count on you believing that you are stupid…they charm you with your wit and mirror it for you so you go..”Oh my Soulmate”. FYI..a soulmate is created from years of enduring through life together as a team, not as a sniveling, back stabbing whore who sticks their dick in anything that will take it..which by the way is what they will tell you that you are if you have or had sex with them.

I know I hit a few people over the head with this…

They tell you at first how they admire your gifts, your abilities and then one day you wake up to them telling you that you cook only to make them fat, or you sew well to make everyone else look bad. Or my personal favorite is breaking your sewing machine(because they take away from you anything you love or love to do) and then after screaming at you for offering to fix the hole in their pants(yes this actually happened) they ask you to fix their pants of course with a great big you can see your broken machine. And of course they act all oh and ahh..and inside they are doing cartwheels because they “think” they destroyed something you love…and fyi it is not them.

I am sure you questioned things, just like me..but all the conditioning women and men have been indoctrinated with, to play nice and not judge has cost many a sister and a brother their life..

So judge for Gods sake judge…

Look up the meaning of the word…it is critical thinking..

And assess why do we spend so much time trying to be so pleasing and questioning ourselves and not the actions we see happening right before us..

Why do we tell ourselves we have the problem.

Why do we tell ourselves we are not to be rattled and shocked to the core when we see evil enacted right in front of us.

Pay attention..

And use your voice…

You are not alone..

And I dont care two spits about what those freaks think of me..

I hate..hate them with such passion…

And it is the hate that saved my life.

It is the hate of evil, not even disguised evil, they we should scream about.

So hear me scream.

I have done more in 89 days then I did in my 20 year marriage, the 14 years I was with my father, or the 4 years I hung with dildo man..and fyi he looks like a dildo too…and ask him, he knows lots about them..dont you Mark.

You see this is a game to them, with the ending being you sitting at their feet adoring them.

Kind of hard to adore when you hate them with passion…and when the mask slips and you see them for what they are.

And what are they..?

Nothing more than crap…and not even a good crap.

A thing..meat and bones in a bloody suit, that hates, abhors themselves. Is terrified of everything especially of himself, knows full well what they are and lives in mortal fear that they will be seen, they are terrified of death, of getting older, and decaying and having karma come a calling…because it does. I get to see it first hand.

My father, then my husband, then my sons, and now Marky..

So today I had a moment to test this out..

And my response is this..

Remember Mark, the places I work are full of cameras and are on the opposite side of town you live in..and asking about me in any location constitutes harassment, stalking and threat to bodily harm…oh from the same police that you thought were your buddies as I was leaving and you were thinking which one you could sodomize.

And a note was left, which I let the magistrate know is from you, because I do have papers with your handwriting on them..and and I have you on film asking for me..

So..maybe rethink this.

So ladies, gentlemen when you think it is a lost hope and you are alone..condemned to live a life of suffering because in your eyes you should have known better…

STOP..for the sake of all things holy STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You could have never known..

Everyone who writes and speaks about this issue..and this is not your garden variety abuse(I stole that from Kim Wilson)..tells it from the other side of surviving..

Of facing death and saying..not today…

This is not like buying a lemon of a car from a schmoozing salesman..

This is pure evil…

Pure evil going after pure LOVE…YOU and ME and lots of others..

It is a deliberate playing with the soul of dynamic loving human beings…that is why you were targeted, wooed and reeled in..

You aint trash…that is their families…

You are so light and love and lovely..

And they got to shut that down..and they have succeeded with many…

And are we going to sit by and let them take more lives…?

That is not in my agenda…

Just in my life alone…a woman of 53..this evil has taken my maternal grandmother, my mother, my oldest sister, my best friend, another brother,  my four sons, three babies, multiple animals, and so many friends and innocents that thought these pieces of @#$% were genuine.

So I will speak, scream when I need to and whisper when that is due. I will not be scared into believing that if I utilize the law afforded to me that I will be “revealed” for some schmuck or some irrational woman who doesnt like men or anyone who is doing well.

So again I repeat, because it seems some did not get the message…

I hate you..with every fiber in my being..

Every breath I take only brings it stronger.

I do not care that you are “here”.

Your words only reinforce that your family has tossed you aside and left you to your own devices…

It has been 89 days and still you get my silence…

I know you were hoping for a phone call, that maybe your little note would trigger a tear or two…wrong again sunshine..

My hate increased…

Not what you are expecting..

Come on give it a whirl..see if you can end up on camera again…oh and by the dont look to good in film…might want to work on the makeup a bit..maybe ask your daughter..she has the makeup and the fake face thing down should know being so up close and personal with her…

Huh daddy..grandpa..



~ by HopeGlenn on July 16, 2017.

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