Why is it placed into our thinking as real..as truth..such things as..

To know happiness I must know sadness.

To know good I must know evil.

Why do we reject the elemental fact that innate within our beings we know these things and then choose accordingly..?

Does it make it easier to justify something if one was to say..

“I had no idea that would make you cry”…


Is that what we have reduced ourselves to…some blind, absent being that says..

Good thing my brother was killed, now I can appreciate people that are still here…

Are you @#$% kidding me..?

Please tell me that is a joke.

I read quotes every day that say that crap..

To know sunshine one must have the rain..

To have warm one must have the cold..

To know happiness one must have sadness..

Do I have them before that..or are they simply granted to me when I have compliant behavior..?

Do I have to have a certain measure of them to get the other..?

Or are we all doled out the same grape koolaid…?

We all know how precious life is, we just choose to misuse it, or end it due to our carelessness.

We all know expansive and life expanding love is..some just simply choose to use a suggestion of love…confusion to place bars around people..

And we dole out words that suggest if one has the right attitude, they are not deserving or deserving of blessings, gifts, food, water, safety.

How easily do we allow ourselves to be mind controlled which goes right into the core of us and snatches that heart away to solitary confinement.

So if I am to follow the line of thought here from these quotes..

The person on the corner that looks like they have not showered in a year, asking for money, just asking..can only appreciate..showers, food, safety after they have done their time in sadness..humiliation..agony and fear…

Then what? They become like the cowardly lion, Dorothy, the tin man and the scarecrow realizing they already had those things..and skip down the road..

So in all theory of this point, I had to have my dad, my husband, my sons and stupid man hit me..beat me, so I could lets say..be grateful..?

And believe that if I thought hard enough, was thankful enough, had enough false gratitude..the law of attraction from me thinking a certain way would make all of that disappear and I would be what..happy..oh and grateful for the experience, because now I know peace and understanding..

Do I sound angry…I hope I sound angry..I am..

And that anger is my most powerful force..wrapped in love..

Because anger, real anger when one sees oneself manipulated, schemed, gossiped about and brutalized all under the guise of teaching me a lesson..will be the ticket that gets me out.

Thinking I must endure a beating to appreciate solace in healing from that wound every time a mark, a scar, an ache brings itself to my attention and say..

Wow how fortunate that I survived such abuse..I guess I did something in another life or perhaps when I was a baby that made that beating useful..so now I will not beat anyone else..

I knew when I was crawling on the floor, before the child learned how to walk..that there was something wrong with my father..

I knew each and every time I heard a sibling scream that this was not okay..

I did not later when all my needs were supplied suddenly have an epiphany and think…

Oh now I get it..I see the purpose..

I do not need bad to see good…both sit in front of me every moment and I choose, not from a thought process of checks and balances of we need more of this to have that…

But of what I choose..

I do not seek to justify a behavior that says..oh I had a difficult past, so now I can be an ass..

I will leave that to you dad, Larry, Mark and a few others.

What a weak watered down version of a sack of bones you all are..

Those actions have not taught me good, or happiness because I knew such evil..

Those actions taught me what evil is and how people choose it all the time and then blame another for it.

And then attempt to get me to believe that you had no idea what you were doing.


So Mark, you had no idea that if you put a certain body part in your daughter you would be raping her and oh yes lets remember making a baby..

Oh yes and you had no idea that having sex with men and no protection for them and you would skip down the boardwalk…so what are your guts doing in a baggy outside of your body..? And why does your heart keep needing shunts and props to keep it going..?

Oh thats right…you do not have enough good in your life to appreciate this deep destruction.

Oh and Larry, I guess having your man parts cut off is the fault of all the women you raped..not you though right..?

The absurdity of these thoughts..

Makes you a prisoner, a captive. Constantly trying to to think the right thing to make the tables turn and you step into gratitude.

You right now know the difference between good and evil.

You right now know the difference between happy and sad.

You right now know the difference between hungry and fed.

You right now know the difference between warmth and cold.

You choose..and that constant choice dictates by what is happening to you..right now.

You can believe you are deserving of being lied to and manipulated into thinking that you are the cause of another abusing you, because you just do not act right..

Then sunshine wont matter after a certain point because you will be 6 feet under…because that is the point for them..

You dead and them living off of what you created.

Anyone who says..you just dont understand me..or I am doing this for your good..or tells you here take a pill or a toke or have a drink..it will all be better shortly..

Wants you dead..quiet..believing a lie..

You want proof…

Go to the window and look at that tree..tall..or look at the expanse of ground..or the sky, blue and bright..

And then go look in the mirror at the bruise upon your face or the saddness overwhelming you..or the drunk slobbering in the bed..

And tell me..you have no idea on how to be happy..tell me that you have no idea between hot and cold..you have no idea of dark and light..

Tell me that you need to be punched one more time to know..this is wrong and that you are precious..

Tell me ..that you already know the value of life..and it is staring right back at you..

Go look..



~ by HopeGlenn on July 15, 2017.

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