Looking at yourself in the mirror..

You are quite beautiful you know.

There is nothing wrong with you.

The mere fact that you question yourself speaks volumes.

Do you think the narc/sociopath/psychopath questions themselves?

Not for a minute.

Plus, they are so coiled in self destruction and self hate, they could not possibly go down that path.

They most likely would blow up into a zillion different pieces..which in reality is happening.

The narcs I have had in my life all are dismantling faster than they have super glue to put themselves back together.

So breathe beautiful one.

I am 86 days clear and free.

When I went no contact I had hit that point where I just knew, could not explain with words, but just knew it was time to exit.

So I did.

The ride has been more expansive and revealing than it has been hard.

And in a few short moments I have discovered some mighty truths.

Take that word at the veracity it contains. Try not to sling it around and make it debatable as to what it is.

Truth is the one thing the abuser tried to erase from you.

Truth about themselves, truth about you, truth about everything.

Why do you think they went so hard on you?

There must be a truth about you that they want erased from you and have you believing some lie, or why bother right?


My abusers went quite far..so far to try and get me to believe a lie, they destroyed my children.

Pause and reconcile that for a moment.

If someone would seek and accomplish creating malice in your creation(cause you are a creator) how powerful is this truth about you..?

This aint no garden variety..oops. And I love how Kim Wilson talks about garden variety abuse.

This is evil behavior…criminal even in its thought.

Why would someone want to make another think so wrong about you, seek to make you think wrong about you, well if you were a common turd?

Pardon that reference and use it in the vein it is meant.

They, the abuser will go way far to convince other people that you are bad, bad and try to make you think you are bad, bad. Why..?

Oh the question and the answer is so simple.

Because you are not anything, nothing, not even on the same planet, solar system as that lie.

And they have to shut that down.

Nothing is sacred..EXCEPT YOU.

You see you are wondrous, so beautiful, so not common, so light, so magnificent..

And they my friend are not.

Evil is an apt description, truly.

But we have watered down evil and when we see it we play with it.

Being conditioned and all that these things are okay.

How so, by being shamed..shame creates such enormous doubt, such enormous suffering within the spirit and many numb out to think that is how they survive.

Shame is rarely in my window anymore.

No one can convince me through their ambling words that I am dirty. They try..but I give it back to them..and let them eat it while I see myself.

I have endured a lot. And I know many that have had a lot also. So I can speak to this and well. And I can also speak to it from the other side of the looking glass. I have always been on the other side of the looking glass and there I will stay.

Every moment I go no contact the cotton balls in my head are going. The fog is lifting and I no longer hear the voices, I hear truth.

Yes I battle the crap given to me that clung to my clothing like stains. But that is the crazy point. It is all lies and as I choose and I hope you will choose to sort it out, you will see profound things happening.

Yes they wounded you to the core, but you can heal that wound and never have the scab pulled off again.

You can realize that there evil did not go into you, even when you are in a fury and spew words at them..it is well deserved always.

You will, yes you will realize that it was just like them throwing mud on a window and it has been wiped off and there are smudges. And soon the light coming through that window will be so bright, not blinding so you stumble. but you realize it is coming from you. Emanating in such a force..oh smile dear one.

You cannot have your being of such light be soiled. It is not possible. You cannot be erased. Nor can you be defined by evil’s terms.

A lie is a lie is a lie.

You chose different.

Evil chooses to destroy truth, light and LOVE most of all.

How is that accomplished?

By making you believe a lie and all it takes is that one lie.

I am 86 days out, no contact and taking the advice of those who are here to assist in this path not of recovery, but of discovery.

Rest, eat..and know how beautiful you are.

You are here..full of questions and there are answers for every question.

There is this life for you and you are living in it right now.


Keep going forward, keep asking..you will be shown everything..nothing will be left out.

Everything taken from you will be restored.

Each doubt replaced with hope.

Everything given back.

Right now this looks like a hard path, but it is not. And easy does not define it.

Know this is the path. The path to you.




~ by HopeGlenn on July 14, 2017.

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