A word to struggle with…placed around the table with umm..yes..

Restoration is a returning to the original form..

Original meaning.. true form..thought of creation..

So if we take a home and restore it to its original form..we return it to its creation..

What was spoken and then made..for lack of a better term..

Restoration can also be explained as something being stolen from a person and now being restored back to them..

An usually this involves an act of creation..

We are all creators..especially of our world..our reality…that we try so hard to blame on others..

Yet we create the dance happening right in front of us..

And personally..I am glad I am the creator of this life..that these lips spoke from this heart and brought it forth..

And belief falls right into step with what we create..

So believing in restoration is going to have to go against the grain of the lack of belief we hold in ourselves of what we deserve..

And what we think we deserve..does influence what we think others deserve…

And we are quite good at performing a show for all the onlookers..

So I have heard a quote and a scripture where it is spoken..

All that has been taken from you, stolen and has been hidden from you will be returned to will be restored”

Being one of great hope…and taking on Hope as my pen name for my writing..that has always come to me at great moments of grief..

My children have been stolen from me..

My family has been stolen from me..

My innocence has been stolen from me..

Shelter has been stolen from me..

And for many years my belief was stolen from me..

And an accurate description of my true nature was stolen from me..

Simply put..I was fed a pack of lies and deceit which made it easier to go behind my back and steal from me..because this soul..a good soul would not do that..and I would stand bewildered when I found something missing..or when there seconds before was love…and then I was met with malice..

I knew that these things would all come back to restored..I just knew it..but how…?

Sort of became like the why..?

You have to leave the why..?.. alone for a few minutes to see how it would be restored.

And you have to toss away the false belief…no worries they were never yours to begin with…so take them to the dump..

So I am watching things be restored…

And anyone who is standing in my path or who is trying to stop…well reality usually gets cut off at the knees..

And it is not my hand doing it…

It is by the hand of restoration…

And that is where this quote fits in..

” Dont grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.”…….Rumi

Now aint that a twister…

So I am watching restoration happen…

Any person who told me I was worth eating trash and being used as a hole and that my sons were better off having a whore as a mother..instead of well really bad off..

Each and everyone who did this is battling diseases that will one day..not to far off in the future take their life in a very unpleasant way..and it is making their daily life..second by second pure and utter hell…

Unlike me..who has no perfect health in every arena..


To the person who thought she would not make it out of childhood..she is now standing at 53..runs like the wind..beautiful..intelligent..healthy..and again I have a loss for words..

And with that I smile..

See I thought restoration was…having a lot of money and connections and you bought all those things that were taken away..

Nope..not even close..

I am seeing me do and have those things I was told only certain people get them..or that I had to immoral things to get them..

And those people who did the immoral things to get them..well they pretty bad off..we all know the reality of those things..

Best to stay better things to do..lots of them..


Coming about in another form..

Hey I recognize that…

That is what…Oh I know..TRUTH..

And honey..the truth always comes out..

Right on time..


It has another form than bells and whistles..

And it always comes to you through the hands that have taken it…

That is the only way..restoration can work..

Restoration..a returning to the original form..original creation..

Dont grieve..

Remember what you really are..



~ by HopeGlenn on June 19, 2017.

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