Have you noticed..

They say..scientists and theorists…all great minds…

That you have 5 seconds 1..2..3..4..5.. to take action or not..?

Did you know this..

This usually shows itself when you have made a decision to change something..

Like get up earlier so you do not rush rush..

Or perhaps start a diet…I like to call it a better way of caring for my body..wonderful self care…evolving into self love..

Or perhaps start a work out program…most popular in the month of January..

Or perhaps read more than watching television..

This 5 second space way applies to everything..

And each time you roll over and shut off the alarm..or say I will do it tomorrow or even later today..you tell your brain..

Nope..not serious..do not care..and your determination and ability to do that “thing” decreases greatly..

And strength..ability..change of thought..success goes way down..way down..

If within those 5 seconds you got up out of bed..out of the chair you are sitting in..did something other than what you are doing..the chances..the statistics of success on that goal you have set before you has exponentially increased in huge success and possibility..

So it sizes up to two modes of operation that your brain functions on…

One more shovel foot of dirt in digging your own grave…or one more mile of success defined by you with huge huge possibilities and knowing of happiness..love..laughter and incredible strength..

Which would you choose..?

What do you see people choose..?

I am not a morning person..

Not fond of first shift…but my new job(which I have now been at 2 months) is a lot of 1st shift..

And I am on a regular running routine and life eating plan to come fully into this frame..this physical body of this life..

Not the one I have been told to have..or how to use..but mine..my true frame..my true face..me..

So this has required me to make many 5 second moves..

Oh, I worked 10 hours…do I go grab a burger or..do I take a run..eating properly during my work shift to be fueled and then finish the rest of my day..knowing I have eaten for me and my spectrum of life and made my body stronger and more recognizable to its original form..?

Or do I drive home, grab a beer or two or three..some chips and go plant myself in front of a television..because I sure am tired…?

I chose door number 1…

I have never chosen all of door number 2..not a drinker much or a television nut..

And I did door number 1 because I realize..I realize how precious this life is..

And I obtained that knowledge by people trying to shut me down..

Thank you to all of you who have attempted..

Lied about me..stolen my children..beaten me into submission..shamed me..treated me as a hole..and terrified me that you had power..

You all deserve what you are getting…karma..

And I deserve what I am getting…

Because when the time came for me..to make the 5 second step or not..I took it way before the 5 seconds happened..

When you were threatening me with throwing me out on the streets because I would not comply with you..and give you some…

I could have..but then I would have to have shot myself..and I would rather live whole than paralyzed by a stupid act of my hand..so I said..I am worth more than that..my body is sacred..and I cared for it..and your power to throw me out went away..

When you called my work and blamed it on another..or followed me..I thought about going to a new job..but I stayed there and got promoted..and realized…all I have to do is make a phone call..

When you threatened to take away my car so I could not work and then I would be dependent on you..I took on more hours and living off of just what was needed..(and yes it is possible and still be quite well) and paid more and more on the car so I silenced you..

And when you demanded my time and smeared me to your family..you became the fool..the court jester..

Because even though you talk ill of me…I am paying the car..paying all my bills..paying for my food..asking nothing of you..

And guess what..I got promoted again..

And I learned by using the 5 second situation..the truth about things..

I saw you roll over when the alarm went off…

I saw you eat the garbage food…cause you thought it would get my attention..

I saw you threaten me..and thought I would cave…

And closed you out of the world…

The world where people do not threaten or give excuse or blame their actions on another..

They do not say another few minutes..if..or when they act right…

They just do..

So if this is possible..

Exercise which has produced a strong body and soul..mind expansion..heart wide  open..happiness as a constant state of being..

Than anything I think..is possible..

If I can move through this hell..I can leave hell..not hell that I created..but a hell you attempted to bind me in..

5 second space..

Two choices..

Grave..or out of this universe…


~ by HopeGlenn on June 14, 2017.

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