48 days…and a cause for celebration…

And a boisterous one at that..

48 days of silence..

48 days of no lies, tricks, harm to come upon this being…

All wishes for me to fall on my face and go splat…

Have been handed back to you…

48 days of sheer bliss…

And I thought the word bliss was meant for chocolate ice cream…

Boy was I wrong…

Bliss is for the peace of knowing you have removed evil from your life…

48 days of being solid..and alive and true..

Sitting in the sunlight..

Not waiting in a darkened room to understand your drunken slur..

Or giving you time..my precious time…

I took it all back…

48 days of something I cannot put words to..

So happy..so much joy..so much peace..so much truth..

So much knowing..you cant touch me..

48 days and counting..

Soon it will be 60..then 80..then 100..

And soon enough I wont be counting..

I count now to remind myself of how amazing I am…how much strength is contained in this 125 pound frame..

I am still counting because every day I shed another skin..another image you placed on me like clothing…

And every day I look at it..pull it off and burn it…

Because that is what you do with hate..deceit..games..havoc..and evil…

You throw it in the fire..and it burns quicker than anything I have ever seen burn…

Because they have no substance..

They have no life..

They are like that drink you take and take and take to produce a shadow of sleep..

A numb for 30 seconds to tell you that you do not smell..

48 days..

While you burp..fart..and giggle at the child you made with your daughter..

48 days and I am just beginning…and you are 48 days closer to the final chorus..

48 days 48 days 48 days

And its done..


~ by HopeGlenn on June 6, 2017.

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