We live in this world

This world..

That we must be reminded on a second to second basis..of how to treat people..

That we have to pause..if we are even capable of that..and step out of our endless parade of self..

Seem odd to you..? It does me..

Maybe I am the odd one..the messed up one in the room..

Because I do not get it..

And I do not have to PAUSE..

Which sounds even odder rolling off my tongue..

Because of where and what I come from..

Note I did not say what I “actually ” am..

Where I come from in this world seems to dictate how I am to be treated..

And in many minds it predisposes me to a certain behavior and treatment..

Again odd..

Being in the career field I am in..my job..and that is all it is..it does not define me..

Yet gives me huge opportunity to see into the human psyche..

It seems odd to me that we have to be told..to..

Work together..

Do not punch.. hit..lie..cheat..or spit on another..

Doesn’t that seem odd to you..?

Its like having flashing red neon sign..saying danger sink hole ahead..you are going to get sucked in..

And we still walk up to the edge and put a leg in..just to touch the temperature of the water..

Curiosity you say…

How did that happen that I would play the heart game of Russian roulette with my being..to see if something is really..well screwed up..or I am screwed up and take a chance with me being destroyed..?

How did we get so curious about “things” or learn to rationalize things out so we can say when caught..

I don’t know…

I had no idea..


Its not that bad…

Come on..

Its just one..

You made me do it..

How did my actions dictate your actions..?

If that is true then I would not have been told by my children, the father of my children and a couple other people that I deserved to be homeless..go hungry..have no shelter..be threatened..and used like a dishrag..

This is the farthest thing from complaining…because I know better so I do better..

The last thing I do or will ever do is add to the collective drone mentality that permeates our society..

The mentality that would prefer you have a beer and your child have tic tacs for dinner..that is cool right..?

How did we become the juicy rationalization groupies who tell people we do not know right from wrong..?

And how do you explain me..?

And why am I not allowed to think about it..? Work to delete it from my life…? or walk a different path without severe abuse flying my way…?

Because why…?

its the world we live in..?

Maybe that is why I read science fiction..


~ by HopeGlenn on May 26, 2017.

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