Introductions are in order…

I would like you to go look into the mirror..yes you…

The tired one..

The one who does not think they can take another step or say hi to another person…

Who does not think they can plaster on one more smile and say Welcome..not another time..

And meet a SUPERHERO..

You feel phony huh…

I get ya..

Yet you got up…after you pulled the cover over your head for that moment and wished it would all go away…

I got ya..

You dressed, drove, walked..planned one more second in this day..

You got up..

And decided to do this day..

Even in your pajamas…

Even when you are watching the time clock..

You did not grab a beer or four and snarl at a television..blaming the world for your unhappiness..

You fought to not pick up that phone and make an apology that is not yours to make..

You thought rather than numb…

And you felt some part of gratitude come into your bones…even if it was momentary..


You slept…how long has it been..?

Yeah I got ya..

Even if it was is a decade in your world..

You got up..

Planned your moments..

Smiled because you have them..

Ate what you want..

Did your things..

And continued on..


Not cursing someone out who deserves it…

Not calling them to hear them lie to you again..while you beat yourself up…

Not to read one more letter from them about how they will change..

Not numbing yourself with the popular drug so you can escape and ignore..


But brushing your teeth.

And putting on those clothes.

Catching the bus or getting a ride.

Doing that job or look for that job.

Remembering what you really are under all those labels.


You did more more more hour..

You did it..

Makes you a..


And you do not have to share the cape..

What color is yours…?



~ by HopeGlenn on May 24, 2017.

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