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After writing that last post..I paused…and listened to a song by the band..”The Script”..titled..”If you could see me now”.

And I listened to the words..would you be proud of me or be disgraced of me if you could see me now…referencing people who have passed on to the next place…

And I thought..the only opinion that matters to me…

Is my mother…Charlotte Joan Carroll..

Not my father, nor my ex-husband, nor my sons, nor past relationships…because they are all described on me being the scapegoat for their issues…which I am to fix…

No one can fix your issues that you try to hide, not so well behind posed pictures and multiple bottles of booze..

At 53..some say still a babe..and in many ways yet..

Yet I have learned one thing..

Opinions of fools and the weak..are like eating cat turds out of the sand box..

Yet the opinions of the strong hearts are the ones I hear..

Opinions of those who take steps in bravery…are formidable hearts dressed in the simplest of souls..

Take note..

Who do you listen to?



~ by HopeGlenn on May 22, 2017.

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