Falling Leaf


Falling Leaf


Wind moves, the skirt stirs, fingers run through the lines of my sweater.

Hands spreading chills across the back bone

Tickles like the winter sun, cascading down the back..lifting the hems

Turn sideways as chill mixed with the remembrance of spring,,goosebumps up the leg.

Falling, twisting, almost upside down..almost

Life in almost..

Edges starting to brown and pull into self, the familiar scent of me,

Turned over..backbone raises to the skies..wind wisps and I flinch sideways..

Adjust and then float..

Falling..lift up..picked up by the fingertips..

Held in suspension..head down..almost crashing to the ground..

Wind fingers wrapped about the ribcage..squeezed..is there breathe..will there be breathe again..

Pushed up while held down, silent gasps for breathe, Light flows through the cracks..what is being seen…

Brown, earth..muddled color..seeping to the edges..just alive will not allow me to float..

One part anchored to the ground..another part reaching, pulling to the heavens..

Gusts blow..pushing shoving..thoughts kept contained for the times no one can hear..

Weep from me..

Swirls in grey masses..is how I imagine the wind at dusk..

Falling leaf..

Just as the sky will determine what the next day will bring..

Red to coax the sun to return itself tomorrow..with soft, pushy clouds that play peek a boo with your thoughts.

Lifted, moved, jostled a bit with the promise of another moon to speak into the night.

Grey masses of tension layered with lights dancing beneath the wings, lifting up and up, no farther..my thoughts may come out and in this instant I want no one to hear them.

Purple mixed with shots of blue to produce somber lilac..is it anger or confusion

Or neither..

Just a show for the benefit of all who pause to watch..

Gust from beneath the leaf. Yanks and twists and turns..

Feet down. Ready to stand on the brown, with green interlaced..

Shoved and then stillness.

Float..like the hawk..on the gusts..lifts its head to feel the filtered sun..so much light..

Arms go slack, trusting resting on the moody wind..

Glad it contains the thoughts I do not want anyone to hear.

Currents of feelings run through the legs, sortings..

Stutterings..move up, drop down, plunge from the high dive..

Falling, crashing, right before impact, lifted up..pulled up like a grasp at the back of the neck..right before the fall..

Slammed awake..gasp and repeat..done all over again..

Grabbed, lifted, tossed about, plunged into the hold..silent thought..feeling so full it feels absent..

Rocking, raging water..nicking edges..the rush goes all over..more noise and then suddenly silent..

Falling leaf.

Summoned back to the air..to float..wondering if I can stay here in this imagined limbo and only, just only look at this thought..which contains everything.

Water cold races over edges, splattered about just enough to get the gasp..

Skim the rock edges, patterned about like a statue carved in standstill and tells a story with just a glance.

Under water, holding breathe..

Falling leaf.

Held under, look about..

Rushed to the surface to guarantee breath..

Does this dance mean I am alive..

Or is this alive they tell us to live..come in these moments..

And the rest, which appears to be mundane..keeps us seeking for the rushing, swirling, upside down wind..

Meant to catch breathe, meant to hold breathe, meant to smile at the breathe.

Falling leaf.

Leaves dancing low on the ground, pieces coming off, little chips of the total.

Defined in this way, that way..

Why then does it weep..

Why does it return to this ground..

Hard and bitter at times..

Green and sopping with tears, laughs, eyes wide open moments..

Scarves scattered about..dancing like cotton balls fallen from the glass jar..

Teetered from one side to the other..

Dance reminiscent of the hammock caught in a gust…with no warm length of life to hold it steady.

Twisted, turned, wrapped upon itself..

Striking back between the two trees anchoring it to this world..

Grabbed at one end and then the other..

Held tight..

Falling leaf..

Wind lifts up while the other pushes down..

Reminiscent of the hug, the hold that settles you into a deepness so vast, you want to go deeper..

And catches your breathe you forget to breathe, nor do you want to remember.

Move across blacktop and sporadic puddles..lifting ever so slightly onto the grass..bordered so it does not wander.

Resting head down..momentarily..

Moved up..going higher and higher

Leveled out.

Falling leaf.

Moving fast, twisted around, spinning with a lightened head of a child who slowly loses it..gives in to gravity..and seeps to the ground..

Opened eyes, world spinning all around in the edges.

The rest focuses..on the point of contact once more..it stays steady..

Arms splayed, beseeching for the heart to stop in its parade of jolts..

Sink in..edges still curled..like it wants to hold things close..

Why will it not move, why lie still..

Sink back in..spine moves closer to the mattress of green. Still lifted slightly above the edge..never fully down..almost prepared for flight..always prepared for flight.

Falling leaf.


How still


Breathe held

Know what is coming

Edges trembling

Folding in for the hold, hug

Picked up again..sail away

Lost in the wind

Again for the ride

Falling leaf





~ by HopeGlenn on March 20, 2017.

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