The umm of letting go

No other words have ever upset me more…except the words of “I love you” right before the slap.

Letting go…


I can say I have never said those words…yet something similar…

Yet what I say at this moment is this…

Grieve you beautiful person you…Grieve..

Stop please putting pretty clothes on a boar..

Stop putting glitter on vomit..

See it for what it is..

Believe them for what they are..because they show you right away..

We just spend so much time putting on our holographic glasses..projecting images onto a really sick reality..

Yeah I know..

I gave a lot of my precious time to it also..

I believed that I was damaged goods..


Sit in the tub and weep…

Stand in the shower, pressed against the cool back splash, vomiting up all the lies and illusions…


Realize the amazing amazing being that you are..

You love..and do we have to even talk about your faith…

The death grip goes away..

Understanding enters..

And you can walk away..

And never..never..let it go.


~ by HopeGlenn on March 6, 2017.

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