Besides being in nature…running on the treadmill tops my favorite things to do…

Well maybe add..reading while in nature with a cup of tea…there is the greatest solace…the true entrance into reality…that thing we rarely see.

Treadmill running…

Even ground..

Perfect incline..

Perfect speed..

Foot roll..

Springboard off of toes..

Muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood rushing, everything in perfect balance..

And at stride is better than ever.

They say when people run..they leave their body.

I will disagree with that.

It is when I am 100% located within this frame.

I must be for everything to work.

For the blood to regulate the amount into the legs and..

How do we get the backwards valve to function to run..have no awkward breathing.

How do we allow the be the voice.

I feel everything…

Posture..foot roll..take air in..release air out.

Reality is present.

This is what I am..

Not that woman who listens one more time to your complaints..

There are none to speak of.

Everything happening is brought by your hands..

So your hands deal with it..

I like what my hands have brought forth..

It is like the big evergreens talking in the wind..

Wave starts at the bottom where the wind ruffles the edges..

And like a wave ripples up one side and shakes like a dog coming out of the water..

Like running..

Look about..see the incline..shake loose the edges..begin the stride..breathe..forgotten ailments..

That thing you want me to focus on..


The wind picked up..

It becomes a noticeable roar..

And my patterns of ignoring me for you..

Became part of the treadmill rubber…

Cleaned up by a paper towel..tossed in the nearest can..bagged for the pickup day..taken to the place of all the other useless notions..eventually brought to what it really is..



~ by HopeGlenn on March 1, 2017.

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