I am not trying to forget


Forget and move on…

Forgive and forget..

Pretend and forget..

Some say, this created me…

I say no..

I say I created me..

I chose survivor..

I chose this voice..

I chose how to react..

I chose everything you see in front of you..

And admitting that I chose…

I can now figure out why..I chose..

And I can either be its servant(which I am not very good at doing)..

Or I can be of service(excellent at doing)..

I choose to not drink..

I choose to not smoke..

I choose to not share this body like it is a convenience store gas station with multiple pumps and a variety of items(being blunt whoring)..

I choose not to lie..

I choose not to be lied to..

I choose not to believe lies..

I choose not to be silent..

And I know why I choose this…

And nope the abuse did not form this..

Nor create this life sentence ..in the most positive of ways..

Abuse showed me what I did not want..nor be..nor need..

This woman, that little girl..created this force..this voice..this mighty wind..

My feet are cemented in…

Aint no where to go..

Aint nothing to do…

But dance…




~ by HopeGlenn on January 15, 2017.

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