I was ready…

I was ready to write a blog post about the story of Narcissus…

The child born of two Greek gods…

Because I thought it did not apply to the terminology, the definition we give to it.

But I was wrong.

It fits it perfectly…

But this blog post is not about that…that issue is resolved.

This blog post is about the issue of abuse, victim and silence…

And how those with the best of intentions..are providing us with the worst advice.

Yikes that should get some hate mail.

And I am not really sure why they say it…perhaps it is to soothe the anguish across the face or the pain resonating in the eyes.


I think it is more like a line I heard on Project Runway…

Just pet the kitty so the kitty will go away and be quiet and leave you alone and go bother someone else…

And that makes my stomach hurt…feel like a need to purge…

We as victims(and again I use that term in total love) are told to be quiet. To slink away when no one is looking, to pet the kitty so the kitty does not scratch you.

That seems opposite and the most damaging thing I have ever heard.

They say…if you speak, fight back, defend yourself…you give them fuel.

And my answer is…SO WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why do I have to tuck my heart, myself away in little boxes, segmented for a sociopaths comfort..?

Kind of like wearing shoes two sizes too small…like the wicked step sisters in Cinderella trying to shove their foot into a glass slipper..eventually they cut off their toe…all to have society be pleased with us…

Kind of like hiking in 4 inch stilettos and falling off the mountain…ooops.

No matter what I do or say…they gonna think what they think, do what they do and as long as I stay silent, I insure that another person has their soul wiped out by this evil.

Another life gone…

All okay as long as it is not me…


Now I think I need to throw up.

This is the prevalent mentality…

I mean look at our society today…does life have any value…?

My answer would be NO.

Killing people for the color of their skin.

Killing people for their religion.

Killing people because we want their land.

Making people kill themselves because we bully them out of jealousy for what they are.

I was told as a child, living through abuse…to shut up.

Just ignore the bruised, half starved child in the back of the class..she is just having a rough time today, because she was not honoring to her parents.

Ignore the woman being pushed around and insulted by her children. She should know better her place.

Ignore the man who eyes speak of rage..who is bullied because he does not want to play sports or drink until he passes out and cannot remember.

It is all about ignoring.

If I ignore, or I am ignored it will all go away.

So how well is that working for you..?

Silence…the best weapon on the planet.

Smear campaigns, maligning….that silences.

You know why…?

Because we believe the lies. One does not have to worry about whether someone else believes the lies…we believe them.

So they hold the greatest power over us.

We are so concerned about what others think of us..we do not stop and think…what do I think of me..?

Why am I not allowed to call a lie a lie..?

Why am I not allowed to call a wound a wound…?

Oh because the abuser might get upset…

Oh my…

Gosh oh darn….

I end with this quote….

“The world will not be destroyed by those who do evil..the world will be destroyed by those who see evil and do nothing about it”

Albert Einstein






~ by HopeGlenn on January 13, 2017.

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