A break in the elements

I like how snow, especially in the South makes the world pause.

I am hoping for a stop, but a pause will do.

Snowed in, cold in..

Those be my favorite words.

Trapped within my four walls…well I think there may be more than four…

The dogs, my books, my sewing…my life..

And in the pause I found sanctity again..

Releasing all the myths, the blockages within..

How did they get there..?

Why am I hanging onto them..?

Why do I persist in myths…lies..fairy tales..

Oh..it is what I have been told to believe…

So do I believe it or do I not..

It is like believing someones version of what I am to do with my life..what I am to be…according to their definition..over my own voice..

Yes I admit at points within our history, our voice has not been heard..or barely discernible above the chaos and swirling masses of shame and blame..

And shame when it is used to get me to bow my head to you..is sad really..

The oldest trick in the book..most effective..least productive..but still running like a choo-choo train through the madness of our beings..

Being snowed in allowed me to reflect on some words I had been told..

Things that I had been told mattered…

Things that our world said mattered…

And Nah…


What matters to me..?

What matters to you..?

I hope you paused long enough…

To answer that question..

I hope you learned to breath again..

I hope you were able to weep again..

I hope you were able to put down all those things that numb you…

And feel..

Snow..cold..fingertip to nose tip..breath it in..

Heat..fire..spine to belly..

And I ask one more time..

What up with you…?


~ by HopeGlenn on January 11, 2017.

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