Things I learned by watching The Walking Dead

Very pertinent for this moment


Okay enough with the groans….

Sometimes there are reasons to watch some of these shows….even the show the Bachelor…

Hey worst case scenario…you learn what “not to do”

Things I learned from The Walking Dead

  1. Forgiveness is impossible….

I have tried..and those who know me..know my persistence…my endurance…

I have attempted in many ways to forgive my father for his sadist approach to child rearing…no matter how many times I speak love into the air…and say…it is okay…he was just troubled and true love would….LET IT GO….(most hated words in the English vocabulary)…I drive myself into a tank filled with piranhas…the more and more I try to make ugly pretty…the more and more I set myself up…and my world is filled with versions of my father and get to spend every minute of every day…bandaging myself…cleaning up way too big piles of crap…and revisiting my father…

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~ by HopeGlenn on December 14, 2016.

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