What do men REALLY want?

Culture Monk

The New Media

by Kenneth Justice

~ A friend of mine at coffee recently brought up the subject of men and what they REALLY want. If we were to go by advertisements it would seem that men want sex;

—) Do you want to sell a car; put an attractive woman alongside it

—) Do you want to sell beer; put attractive women in the commercial

—) Do you want to sell body spray; tell men hot women will be attracted to them if they wear it

In many ways it is undeniable that there is a large part of the man’s psyche that propels him toward women. Some people believe it is the man’s sex drive that keeps our species in existence.

Ultimately, I suppose what men really want depends largely upon each individual man. Some men are lazy, they just want to sleep, eat and watch tv. Some men are driven…

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~ by HopeGlenn on March 16, 2015.

4 Responses to “What do men REALLY want?”

  1. That was a wonderful read on an important topic. Perhaps its not so much what we want as men, but perhaps what we should DO as men – and the conclusion is to provide a stable home environment for our families. It may not seem like the sexy choice, but it’s the right choice.



  2. Sexy is kindness, thoughtfulness, presence….sexy has nothing to do with how I look, speak or act…
    Want to make one woozy in the knees….show them love…rather than pride and arrogance…and as they say, the world is your oyster.


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