Stability..need or fiction…?

Is the need for stability..assurance..just some vague far off notion..?

That can be obtained by works of one’s own hand..?One’s own thoughts..?

Or is it solely..a construct of what others give approval..and kudos for…?

Does it come in our most relaxed moments…like in rest for some…

Or for some when they are in their element..their space of when they shine..?

Or is it devoid of that..and based on what we have grown up believing and assessing about ourselves..?

Does it need boosting..correction..promoting…?

Is it found in the deepest part of ourselves..pulled forth know..the (blank) hits the fan…?

Is that when we find out who we are..who fills this space…

Are we devoid of meaning..purpose goals until another speaks as to what they see us doing..or being..?

I think for many..they describe themselves from others…

Sort of like..oh..that is what I am to be…hmmm..and then plunge forward…

Or is within us..and the hardest battle is remembering it…

And then when courage arrives and we speak it..

Can we be stable..hold tight..while others..tear it apart..

Because they do not get it..for us…?

Do we need the voice of determine our own voice..?

Or are we equipped to utilize our own voice..and listen to us..our thoughts..?

Do we pay attention to even the slightest regard…?


A need..or fiction…

Can we be stable..solid…even when…

You guessed it…

The car breaks down..the bus is late..not prepared for 10 degree weather..just not getting the skill..and yes..the soda exploding inside of the purse…?

Because in reality…it is you standing there..all alone…deciding…if the moment is flip out..and walk away..or…

Is it to know..despite the chaos..the going against the grain of the world’s chatter…the..I can do right now..and let later be dealt with then..the be conquered…?

And got this…


~ by HopeGlenn on January 24, 2014.

One Response to “Stability..need or fiction…?”

  1. Oh its definitely a need, with this life when the proverbial……… hits the fan you got have something in you that will keep going and listen to that inner voice inside you in the midst of the storm and chaos.

    Fight ! fight!


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