Is it a possibility…?

Please give me a I walk through the maze of thoughts..circulating in my head….

My of the list belief is to live to bring honor to God…

That will always be the place..the spot..the aha…

But here is a wrinkle…

What if we bring honor to each other…?

If our actions spoke of uplifting..enriching…bringing hope to others…?

Does this seem like a possibility..or is it too much to ask…?

To have another..or others look at our actions..and say..:that is really wonderful”…

That shows integrity…That is looking past self…

Is there making our choices honoring to others…or is it all about me…?

And can it be done..with the intention of another seeing our value..their value..and wanting more…?

Am I making sense…?

My ultimate answer always arrives at God’s doorstep…

But in loving thy neighbor…

Does it include..quality of speech..what is really needed here…?

Does it involve a perspective..that includes me…yet sees the entire impact within the picture…?

Does it mean speaking..when words need to be said..and giving truth..without shredding a heart…?

Can it be standing firm..and saying..this is not appropriate…yet let me show another option…?

Can it be the courage to love..with the expectation..of being loved back…

Is it a possibility…?


~ by HopeGlenn on January 24, 2014.

2 Responses to “Is it a possibility…?”

  1. Oh ma’am you bring out the questions that need answering,

    More often than not I have found myself asking these very questions,just goes to show how far we are and yet so close.



    • We always need to ask…am I living in a box…which would not be living..or am I trying to get out of the box…and seek to be living…and life requires..demands love..grace…and hope…
      Thank you for your words…


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