Odd Wishes…

Away in a box…buried deep within the soft ground…held this wish…this memory..somehow forgotten…and then remembered…

Tucked away..were the words of your making…

Penciled in on penmanship lined paper…

Descriptions..only a hoping soul would know…

Long curly lines of a child’s eyes..spoken in hearts and flowers..in the belief there still is hearts and flowers.

Crayons, flowers, cherry candies scatter on the bottom of the box…now laying in the ground…

The wishes of you…

You came here..and then went away..and part of my heart was put in the ground with you…

You came to show me..what a male, man, brother, son, partner was to be…and then faded away…to be pulled out when it was safe..

I wished and wished and danced on the ground where I buried my wishes of you returning to me.

And you came one by one until there were four. Yet one held your dark eyes and crooked smile the most.

Yet there still was four..and always will be.

Each fought with learning life and turned away the one who wished you here.

Yet I remained sitting next to the wishing tree.

I wished for heart, might, strength and to not have it blurred by discovery of this world.

Tall and mighty the four grew..struggling with the heart..the strength of it all.

And when I looked around you were gone.

And now bent with age and the forgetful pattern of this world..I am bent..looking over the place..I wished for you..in all my letters and number.

And time is not being kind in the lessening of the memory of you, it increases.

And I still whisper the wishes of that girl, who used to stand upright like you.

Now she is bent..and the pain colors the memory..a bit.

But as she bent to keep the place of wishes safe..and worked to turn her head..

She caught out of the corner of her eye..the wish..in this life..

Tall..arching..aching..a bit gnarled trees..from wishes..reaching..like wishes made from our breath..

And she had to smile..older woman..little girl..

And the tears fell down her cheeks..and watered the ground..that kept the wishes alive..


~ by HopeGlenn on November 29, 2013.

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