Spam Filter…I think it is clogged…..

Work last night..well was like the spam box from our email…the filter of not appropriate things to look at…say..or do….

Someone forgot to put the filter on..before they began life…and conversed with others throughout their day…

Spam..and the holding spot in our email..I think is a wonderful invention…

It allows one to see what wild propositions are awaiting one..and how will I decide to be in this world I live and operate in…

The spam box is like the bouncer guy….that tells the guy who is full on himself..that well the ladies just do not want to talk…at least not until you brush your teeth…

The spam box is like the probationary period you go through in a new job..can you do it..?…is this for you…?

The spam box is a is the look in the mirror..the check of the spirit..of should I say that…?…should I do that…?

And it seems to be missing….or very few are using it…

Last night..someone forgot their spam filter….and I have seen it too many times in the last few weeks…

Taking part..listening in on a conversation..snooping (and I am old school)…and then making it your own..rather than stepping back and being respectful…how many know what the word means..?

Taking love and affection away from another…because one is jealous…and cannot be what they see in front of them…

Twisting words…and actions to fit some dynamic we have created in our beings..because we have chosen not to be therefore we cannot recognize it when it enters a room….

Bullying…making brash statements…promoting oneself to high status…and then being stunned when another refuses to have anything to do with you…

Last night..was almost my moment of…I refuse you service…

Yet I saw children..who were staring at their parents in disbelief this was their family….and then they repeated what they saw…

Yet I saw children..and I stayed…and put my pride aside..and as they saying goes..killed them with kindness…and I felt better….but they did not change…I just got smiles and a hug from the was like a reprieve from the war..and they were grateful….

And I realized..very few are using the filter….

Because they still think they are better than anyone..and they like their smugness way too much..and stealing affection and bullying is how they make up their day…like brushing their teeth..

And we are not getting better..we are getting worse…and sadness overwhelms me..

And I have to turn to God..and ask WHY…?

And I must seek who I am to be through Him…

And in every thought…word and deed I must seek to have it approved by God…

And I must pray..and seek…that I never become the one who brought a tear to another’s eyes…like my coworker..nor slumped the shoulders of others..or who believes..this is just the way it is….


~ by HopeGlenn on May 31, 2013.

One Response to “Spam Filter…I think it is clogged…..”

  1. This article is informative, interesting and descriptive with the many different ways the writer presents points of view that differ from the norm. Thank you.


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