The answer I thought…not there….

I want the compact precise answer..that buries me..makes me the bad guy…or gal in this case…

But it is not coming this time…

I cannot…or will not give that parade anymore time….

It has stopped me from being where I need to be…

It has cemented my feet to this ground…one that brings tears to my eyes….

And too many people that I know..or I encounter…have the same boulders riding with them as constant companions….

And I do not know how to explain this…

But many who might glance upon this post..get it…like being smacked with a two by four…right between the eyes…

Taking the blame..not speaking up…being the ninny…so another can feel better for basting you in hot sauce…and then making you apologize because you did not bring enough napkins to clean up with….

It is like constantly picking someone up from the floor…and then watching them coat the floor with wax…because they want company..and they enjoy watching the slip..slide..and crash….

It is what keeps one awake till near 4am…when work awaits just a little bit later..

But my jaw relaxed..and my shoulders are now hovering a bit below ear level…and the cramp in my abating…

And I am sure is not the thought I was thinking..or answer I thought would come…

It is completely different…does not pummel me into the ground..nor make me scramble..and fix something I did not break…

It is truth..and it smells a lot like roses….

Go figure….


~ by HopeGlenn on May 18, 2013.

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