Just a thought….

Have you ever wondered..what would come about..if one gave themselves entrance into the thoughts that scared them the most…?

Like what would happen..become of me..if I was alone..not in a relationship….?

What if someone close to me..a child..a spouse..a friend..a lover…were to die…?

Can we allow ourselves entrance into thinking or possibly contemplating which involves feeling into the realm of what if’s…..?

Is it possible that the things I am thinking are true..?

And my feelings are natural..and not an abbreviated response to..it is not what another is thinking..so can it be true…?

I have had a moment to step back and appeal to my heart..on how do I feel..what is this thought moving about in my head..where do I want to be or end up..spend my life doing..?

Or are many of one’s actions…places to employment..weekend activities…even quirpy responses…made from what others think and tell me I should be doing…?

I ask the question..do we even know how to breath on our own….?

Do we know how to trust our own thoughts….?

And when does one start being the creation they were made for..rather than the interpretation of another’s fears..described in plausable description and theory…?

Just a thought…


~ by HopeGlenn on April 11, 2013.

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