Plundering away…

How far does one travel with another…when the path leads to shambles..destruction…?

Is one obligated to get on the roller coaster…and dance or see into areas that only bring forth hurt, loss…and the inevitable destruction of another human being…?

It is like watching a performance of some kind…someone singing…someone acting…someone struggling with a speech…and you have that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach…when they hit the wrong note…stumble over a word..or produce the worst cry scene ever…

Does it always boil down to letting them have the works of their hands…?

Or are we allowed…perhaps speak into that….stuff…?

Sometimes I think it hinges on will they hear you..have you already spoken your concerns….shown them what happens..because we all have enough examples of things going downhill and fast…like a snowball off a cliff…it has this ability of destruction..that is like a tornado..a tsunami..we have no warning of..and we have been is perfectly safe here…

When is the point of recognition that one has spoken enough….?

And this is the life they have chosen….tough one to swallow….

I have spent time recently..listening to another lie..and lie..and then do all the scurrying activities that come with lying..and keeping track of the lies…and what exactly did they say…???

I have watched the phone on vibrate…hidden away in a back room so only you see it….erasing phone logs and texts..just in case someone might get to your phone…and in their mind this seems perfectly acceptable…a way of living…I have watched hundreds of dollars slip away in feed an addiction…and then be pounded on because there is no ability to buy food..or a way to keep the lights on…

I have lived with another who lives this life…spent 20 years with them..trying to figure out the story line of that moment…it is indeed a tough place to be in…

And this is how I handle it…move through it…

I look into the mirror…I examine myself…I lift the veil..and make sure my heart is speaking..and not this mind..which I believe is oh so logical and caring….

I love them as God commands me to love…I use wisdom as God commands me to use..and in that..I remember the passages of going round and round with a fool…one whose steps walk straight into the depths of hell….I pray for safety for all they encounter..and yes I include myself in that scenario…because some of us are stuck for the moment…and we have to figure how to get out…

And we as we figure the way out…and it never is my is always God’s way….we continually look to God…to ensure our steps are not running to harm another..or our thoughts are not plotting ways to put others in need…and we ask for the strength to bear the situation one has placed themselves in…not God or anyone else..

So my twiddling and consuming of this present situation..I stopped…and I could breath again…realizing this is truly God’s fight…yet I spend my energy…my heart on being 100% positive that my feet…my hands…are not slippery sloping their way down the path….

And suddenly…I am at peace…and I have faced my greatest foe…myself…


~ by HopeGlenn on December 28, 2012.

2 Responses to “Plundering away…”

  1. I think the answer may be , when you come to a impasse and it seems you may have …. when you stop doing..whether that be using your patience or picking them back off the floor , either in reality or the floor of life. When you finally stop and start , question ..when is enough…enough. Then it is time. You have put forth your best effort. As I know you have , sense you do not do things 75% done. Your life as we all , have but so much “time” the rare commodity. Precious more than many things. You deserve , your peace. Earned it many times over. To live without this worry. To speak in this permanence of writing , so you can give others the chance to read of your world , your they may walk on softer ground and learn how to fall , without too much pain. Learn so they can have lack of suffering.
    “How far does one travel with another…when the path leads to shambles..destruction…?” As you said ” And suddenly…I am at peace…and I have faced my greatest foe…myself…” How far father , your foe. The same foe we all face.“Very often we are our own worst enemy as we foolishly build stumbling blocks on the path that leads to success and happiness.”
    Louis Binstock
    May you have peace on this earth the rest of your days , a wish for you for this new year. My dear Friend.


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