Create…..Day Two….

Today in my quest for unearthing the little girl…and to create something every day…I created a picture through stippling…..

Stippling is a form of art using dots to create pictures…intensity..or consolidation in a certain area creates deeper shades, more depth, solid color or space…

I have not done stippling since graduate school…it was something I was introduced to in one of my “artistic’ classes..and along with knitting was introduced to ease my brain..allow my brain to shut off..while I was writing my thesis…

For those who have written a thesis or even knows what that is like…all one dwells on is that point..that spot in the horizon…and maybe because of the abuse within my life..I was able to focus…pivot my attention on that..just like I had in attempting to understand why one would hit another…

Knitting went by the wayside..yet lately and over the last two years I have returned to knitting…yet I must be careful when I choose to do lulls me into a sleep..a quiet of the mind….and that does not work too well when one is attempting to make a gift…or set a goal..unless sleeping is the objective..:)

I took a Georgia O Keefe watercolor picture from a book I have of her prints…Love Them….

I free handed..I mean free handed a rough sketch of the flowers in various shades….and then went and got my markers, pens…all those things that have color and I used to use with regularity…I accomplished it and it looks like flowers…not the flowers she did..but the ones I did…and it is cool…

The only downside is this…I have the digital camera…but since I had a frantic move recently..I seem to have displaced my cord that attaches to the computer to camera..and lets me download my pictures…so until I can find the cord..send good thoughts on that one..or purchase another…examples from the Web will have to suffice…

Once I get the cord..I will show the pictures..and accomplishing that will be one of my greatest feats..I am a bit challenged on the computer….

So here are some examples..enjoy…

Today is a better day..a bit down due to pneumonia…and my lungs have more fluid than I knew was possible…and I will keep trudging on…

I am looking at me different….I found a piece of the little girl and she likes coloring…try is soothing…

Tomorrow another day…and maybe cooking is in my near future…..hmmmm…I can always post recipes….

This image was stippled by an individual named Freya…

It is beautiful and shows how it is accomplished…I did not do this one..yet when I find my cord I will be able to post my artistic endeavors in stippling….


~ by HopeGlenn on September 18, 2012.

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  1. Very impressive!


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