Learning is something I have done for years…

Some of it by choice..and some of it through occurences..situations..which were forced upon me…

After spending all this time consuming information..to move forward..step aside..and do the dance..this life requires..I find myself on the other side of the room..other side of the coin…standing outside the fishbowl…

Teaching has now begun..and I have found it is my place..my direction…my niche in this world..and it fits like the jeans..slightly worn..yet comfortable in the fit..and the known…fits like a glove….

Teaching is sharing of knowledge..something one has perfected..made their art..made their voice..

Once one has conquered the demons of self doubt..the pinball bouncing around in the head…trying to remind us that we have not learned enough..and have nothing to share..then while this is all processing..simmering away in our souls..creating a voice..then we are allowed..or give ourselves permission to teach..to share..

And this is how I view my teaching…it is sharing…sharing of what these years have brought me..and finding my voice..finding my talent..and no other’s..

After the first voice..the first words are spoken..the first movement of the hands…which lead another…then a place is claimed..spoken..lived..known…and trusted….

Teacher…words..actions..life..moving it along..paying it forward…hmmm..I like this…


~ by HopeGlenn on August 3, 2012.

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