Freedom of Speech

I read a post..the other day..regarding a reminder of the freedom of speech..or more eloquently put..the freedom..the put pen to paper..fingers to keyboard..and share your thoughts to the world..which in itself is an art form..

It was written by an older person..a bit older than myself..from a generation which carries a different which chooses their words differently..because we know it forms a view of oneself out there in the world..and sticks like glue..

And this is why I pause..hesitate..when I write my words..because I do not want any of them to be thrown out there hastily..whether they are words others want to hear or not..I want intention with my words..I want another to think..provoke change.

Yet too often I see words thrown out into some careless abandon..seeking solace..and the pleading of hear from another..that they are okay..or even possibly tell them right from wrong..which is all good in some parameters..except when it becomes a method of life..our existence..when we have removed all ability from ourselves to speak choice..

I hear too often..I have I do this..I cannot control I must do did I must do this..I guess they have validity..yet only in certain arenas..

If you punch another..they are allowed to remove themselves from you..and seek justice..same if you steal…etc…if you have a lifestyle which another does not want to live..they have every leave..with just as much authority as you stay and live the lifestyle you choose.. is where it gets sticky…and I know I will have many disagree…and I can live with that..

I am not allowed..because this happened to me..then this can happen…I do not get clearance..the green light..for anything..

Example..someone called me a name…I do not call them a name is like when we were kids..and we would say..he kicked I kicked him back..because they did this..I did that..I suddenly have a excuse..some platitude to rest my conviction on..

Example..being cut off on the we zoom ahead..flip them the finger and then cut them off..and in even more so fun..see an elderly person..and decide that they should not be driving…

One believes they all have be doing what they are is a sweet tasty rationalization..the white lie..the slip of the tongue..the look over anothers head..just so they know..we do not see them..they do not exist…the little things that taste so sweet going down..yet grimy coming back up..especially when they get played back..stronger..and in more frequency..

I have the ability..the speak my thoughts..things I have learned..and expect responses of variety..yet I do not have the right to flippantly blast my life.. seeking for a pat on the back…and direction for right and wrong..out there into the world..because I want to pretend..I have no idea what right and wrong is…or pretend that it is a choice to slice and dice..or comfort and love..and provide a safe haven…

We all do not like what others do..and we have no control over what anyone will happen regardless of what I wear that day..what I look will be there..that is out of my control…

Yet I can control..decide..what I…I can pause..and stop reacting..I can admit I know right from wrong…and I do not need anyone..or anything to bring that decision about..

And no matter whether we like it or not..if we are so angry now..we could spit nails…I make things happen..I create the I can either add to this…making the excuses deeper and deeper..till they smother us..or I can stand up..and do the unimaginable..take responsibility for my decisions..for every last act of my hands..morsel of words..thoughts..

Because I have rights..yet we need to stop looking to movie stars..rock form those views..I got a little tip for you…it is all will know what to do..go look in the mirror…


~ by HopeGlenn on July 19, 2012.

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