Something big happened with me yesterday..maybe I should write the word big in BIG letters..I do not know..all I know is something big happened…

It was there for awhile..gathering steam..waiting till I was ready to absorb it in..rather than be hit by the tidal wave of feeling..emotion..physical reactions..which always..always accompany..any revelation within oneself…

It peeked from behind the corners..whispered to me from lines of poetry..certain words in quotes..statements from friends..cashiers..the song on the radio..a look from the movie screen..the methodical cutting of the tomatoes to freeze for later use…the whir of the sewing machine..as one line connected to another…

That which I have been seeking to do..the elusive discovery of my “mission” on this place..was found..

I finally connected the dots..got the punchline..figured out the calculus problem..

And it was here all along…and I have been doing it all along…over and over again..

And I have been doing it well..

And I have been doing it right…

And it sure makes people uncomfortable…especially when you say..you have this figured out..you know where to go..you got this..you walk in peace..

This is not pride..this is heart..

This is not honor..this is knowledge..

This is not going backwards and not paying attention…

This is moving forward..and really listening…

And that in itself..might just darn unravel the whole insanity we attempt to live..I sure hope so..

So..yes this is B..I..G..


~ by HopeGlenn on July 18, 2012.

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