Investing in tomorrow..yet still do and enjoy today…

Oh the quandary..the perplexity..of being prepared for what might come tomorrow..yet staying focused on this day..this moment..seeing it through..

Most of my life..99.9% of it has been about making it through that moment..and hopefully that day..

It has not been until recent years..that I have allowed myself to wander over the possibility..of a inkling..that there might be..a tomorrow..hush your mouth..

Most of the events in my life..have favored there not being a I have learned to love and appreciate..moments and today..and invest myself fully into what is happening right now..right this moment..

Right now..right this spine is on fire..for a variety of reasons..I have tremors again..insisting I pay attention..I fell and received a concussion..have slept very little..the disease is demanding full attention like a drill sergeant..and I have never been in the military…

Right now someone I love is far another state..and I miss them greatly..and I am at a loss for tell much I miss them..simple a smile..and the quirky way they look at something..when they are trying to figure it out..and can never tell someone enough..that you love them..miss them..think they are funny..wish they did not have to work so hard..

Right garden is teeming with produce..that needs to be tending to..and it cannot wait..other parts have finished and want to move into the end of Summer..and other parts wants to keep let me know how happy they are right now..right here..teaching me to see..the abundance and peace I can have right now..

Despite the fact..that my car ran out of gas on the side of the road this am..and my spine is on fire..and I am shaking like an Aspen tree in the wind..and I am waiting to hear news..and I miss the one I love..

And I have no idea what tomorrow is going to bring..I do not even know what later today will bring..

Yet I will go chop up the tomatoes and the zucchini…and make salsa for a tomorrow..I am pretty sure will come..

And go do the finishing touches on the quilt..for the one I love..and maybe..just maybe..I will get to say ” I Love You”…one more time…


~ by HopeGlenn on July 17, 2012.

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