Fine aged wisdom….

Older..wiser..of sort of cannot be prevented…life allows that natural event to unfurl..and show itself..through many events..

The question..the thought…is…do I use that wisdom..pull from what I have experienced…make them worthy of effort..rather than a static event..?

So many things come upon my path in a day…and some days..there is truckloads of things for me to see and experience…and some days..many days..there is one sweet morsel..that declares it is mine to inhabit…

Today I had a couple…I am back on a road..I honestly thought was a finished course…maybe it is because I had enough of it..I was tired of looking at the landscape…yet I think I needed to look at it with new eyes..color it differently…take a different stance..

A battle continues..and perhaps..most is the battle I resist of fighting for self..even though I have done it since I two..maybe even earlier..the battle to hold my own stand in simplicity..and acknowledge..oh the reality….

Everything has been done..letters written..calls made..T’s crossed and I’s dotted..and no hearts and smiley faces were included…and I wait..yet I will not give my time or much thought..I cannot..

I have to trust..that the course I have walked on..stumbled on..fallen down on..and cracked my chin on..led know what to do..and to know..scary as it may sound…the best for every nook and cranny it was going to be done..

And to know..that I did not choose silence..and never will..

At some we stand looking out across our day..we have to trust ourselves..we must believe..we must know..that we are right on task..we have chosen…

And somehow..the solution..the words..the wisdom..has a different color..

And it matches our eyes better..and makes the smile..just a little bit finer…


~ by HopeGlenn on July 11, 2012.

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