Tricks…Stunts..And nobody noticed…

I have been overwhelmed with post about the cruelty to animals..please support..share…save the life of an animal…

Which I am all for…animals..remind us..connect us back to ourselves..companions..lifter of spirits…playmates…and guardians in some fashion….

Yet I good conscience..allow taken away from the reality of what is happening in our world…

So I cannot sign your petition…or send money to support the animals being hurt..because one must address the attitude of why are these creatures…humanity..being hurt…?

Why is that attitude not being made the focus…?

Why are we applauding how well we saved a flock of birds..or the farm of 1000 dogs..when we refuse to feed our own people…?

Funds and people appear to do all sorts of service when beaches have oil spills..or dogs are made to fight..or the crazy lady with 200 cats makes the news..we all stand in uproar..and suddenly have all the time in the world…

While…the lady..with the tattoos..and three kids..who is working for minimum wage..feeds her kids from the value bin..creating health conditions we do not even have names for…while we eat from the best grocery store..and complain because they bagged the groceries wrong…

Or we watch the homeowner …scramble to pay mortgages.. which are outrageous in any market..and realtors have become like lawyers…count pennies to pay rent..and keep the power from shutting off…and we remark..that they need to better manage their money..or they deserve it..because they come from the wrong side of the tracks..or they should have never divorced that fine man..

And we saunter off to our air conditioned homes…filled rooms..which others could use..and make sure our dog..which we paid 1000 for…has a bed to lounge in..and food like caviar…and all the neighbors see we saunter by in our designer duds…and perfectly groomed pups…

What has so twisted…and contorted our society…that this is our talk..our walk..our life…

Did I miss the class somewhere..that said..a dog was fed from the table..before my child…?

Did I miss the memo..that said leave your child in the hot car..while you run into the store..while your dog lounges on a down filled bed..with a personal water bottle…?

Did I miss the notion..which said..things..the latest more important than your family…mending fences..seeking peace..easing the path for anyone…?

Did I somehow..lose all sense of what is right and wrong…or am I reeling from the blatant..kick to the gut..our society has decided to live their life in…?

When did we forget that our words have power..and we have an accounting for them..right now..this moment…and wishing someone gone..because we have a selfish moment..and spew filth..makes it happen..

When did we decide…an animal..was more important than a person..when did we get put in reverse…and that is what we are..stuck in reverse…stuck in some appearance mode..popularity..

Tell me..when did we was purge our society of the “ugly” ones…”not acting right” ones..”weaker” ones…”elderly” ones…?

When did we decide..that it was okay..for anyone… go without a meal…be without a place to call home..drink for their body…safety…?

Tell me when did that happen…oh maybe it was when we were telling is not our business…and we do not have time… I remember…


~ by HopeGlenn on July 10, 2012.

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