Something you touch..look through your a smooth stone tucked away in your pocket..handled..warmed by touch..when a soul needs a reminder of the value of their existence..

Words written on a mirror…glanced at.. at the face is washed..teeth are brushed..peeked at from the corner of our eye..our field of vision..the privilege of being reminded..

Not quotes..or great words of wisdom..even though they evoke great movement within one..simple words..just words..written by our our space..for our purposes..and bring forth a different stance..once we let them eek in over time..

When I had the doors on my kitchen cupboards..I had thoughts..hmmmmsss…touchstones..all myself..and my sons could read the words which lifted the spirits…made you think twice about doing something..and maybe..just might consider doing the things you think you cannot do…

Like paint..go for it..or write some piece which made your heart tickle..took needlework in hand..solved the calculus have been told you are not smart enough to do…plant a garden in your front to some place..even if it is your own backyard..break away from the person..or thing which makes you feel bad inside..or how about this..just smile..

Now that the doors are off..and the colors of dishes are displayed..which makes anyone smile..I have little things about that room..some are pictures of sunflowers..and some are verses..and some are little shiny rocks..sitting by the hand soap which remind me of life..kindness..change..and they will never leave their spot..they will always remind me that kindness will never go out of fashion..and it does indeed start with me..and that change is good..and if one is moving forward in will happen..and it needs to..

On my bedroom I pull back the curtain..I have put a butterfly touchstone..words are written that are truths..and they are written in purple..because some is touch to get out of bed..and face the day..power is needed..and purple is powerful..

Touchstone…reminder…thought..reinforcing..evoking..simple form..

Carried with us..each one..truth..

You are beautiful…

You have a majestic heart…

You are loved…



~ by HopeGlenn on June 26, 2012.

One Response to “Touchstone…”

  1. Reblogged this on survivorsjustice and commented:
    What a great expression to share the connection of touch with our soul, enjoyed this 🙂


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