Contribution… there is someone pounding on the roof next door…

And to be is about driving me batty..there is a word I have not used in awhile…

Batty..every time I take a sip of my coffee..lips reach the brim of the mug..bang..bang..bang…slightly muffled..but enough to jar one from the deep breath..exhale..ah..glad to be here morning ritual..bang..

Reminding me..that there is something bugging me..there is another word..I have not used in awhile..not wanting to sound like a sixteen year old..when I am nigh fifty…

Bugging me..irritating a gnat buzzing about your ear..something keeps demanding my attention…and darn if I do not want it to go away..

I am doing something I love..writing..creating..and it is pissing me off..another word I rarely use..

Am I not to be working for corporate America..punching a time clock..getting up before the sun rises..dressing to the make the amount and kind of money I am told is the right path..?

Does it not make me lazy and useless to be sitting at this keyboard..typing away..writing more thoughts..more books..more useful tidbits for those I instruct in sewing..pattern making…?

Or perhaps not really dealing with the disease this body writing about places I may have been..never been…or maybe one day will get to go…

And here comes the bang again..right after I wrote those words useless..lazy..

Reminding me..there is something good about what I am doing..and even how I am doing it..

And my method of contributing into this world..evoking from a place much needed..and how I contribute..and view myself..will only be a hindrance if I view myself and lazy..Bang bang again..or will be an asset..if I know I speak when others cannot..say things some about topics others cannot..

And the banging stopped…odd..sort is faint in the background..not demanding on the person standing in line behind the grocery store..the one breathing down your neck..

Time to sharpen the pencils..pull out the notebook…and have that second cup of coffee..and be thankful for the way I get to contribute..because now it is is changing..provoking..not dumping…because we all have had enough of that…


~ by HopeGlenn on June 13, 2012.

One Response to “Contribution…”

  1. Breathe too – in out, in out , slowly 🙂


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