Fluff and Stuff..needs to go away…

Damn if I did not get stuck in the rut..

Silly me..trying to please the people who have done..and keep doing the crime..

Trying to smell like rose petals..and high class perfume..


I do not live my life..to make everyone think I am doing good..

I do not live my life..so everyone is pleased with me..

So why did I pause..?..make myself available to the scrutiny of a movie stars approval..or someone I thought “had made it”…

Why was I thinking..if you buy my book..give me a good review..make the proper presentation with my life..my home..my space…then I was good…?

And all the while..

Because life was going in the opposite direction than the day planner had shown me..or the guidebook through middle age…or the manual of surviving abuse and never calling myself a victim..Huh..?

I was doubting me..making myself pleasing to the media..the public..the nuts who decide to harm without a second thought..

Am I the right size..

Am I wearing the right clothes…

Am I saying the right things..

Am I..Am I…Am I…

Just when I thought..I was headed in the right direction..fame..popularity…(got to laugh on that one)..

A dream hit me hard..reminded me of where I come from..what I have endured..and it aint no sugar plum fantasy…

It is about voice..power..strength..planting my feet in one direction only…

And hey..you do not like me..cannot stand to hear my words..and how I have learned something majestic..and a way through this madness..many are made to endure…

You know where the door is…


~ by HopeGlenn on June 12, 2012.

One Response to “Fluff and Stuff..needs to go away…”

  1. The best advice as an artist and writer I have received is to believe in yourself. The world has just become your oyster Mandy –


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