Purple Hydrangeas…

Purple hydrangeas sit before me as I type away on this keyboard..my online journal..

Little sparkles of lavender..eggplant purple..fall onto the desk..like fairy dust..

And every time I glance at them..I am reminded of the wee small plant..(my Irish just peeked out there)..that I started with..almost nothing it seems..just a stick and some leaves..bringing the promise of something big..

I remember placing it in the ground..eight years ago..hunkering it up next to the foundation of the house..letting it lean..if it became weary..

Dutifully watered the hydrangea..fed it vitamins..protected it from the various dogs who wished to use it as a urinal..and the small animals which liked to nibble on its leaves..

And somehow I could relate…

It fought to be here..it battled humidity..drought..being ignored..and many attitudes whipping it about..

It anchored into the clay soil..and decided it had something to do..and in all honesty..I had forgotten about it in my business of life..

Yet little by little it grew..each Spring..thick..green leaves popped up and sought the sun..and as Summer deepened  little bursts ..showed their silky color..

First in sweet pink..laced with kisses..then into fuchsia..the wild side of pink..then deep blue..which enveloped itself in grey lavender..

I would peek around the corner as I weeded in my garden..yard..and walked past moving the hose from front to back..back to front..and it was always the perfumery of the magnolia which claimed my attention..

And suddenly..as I staggered to the side yard..not from drink..but from tremors..like dance steps I have just learned..it reeled me in..

Multiple buds..flower spreads..fairy dust..sparkles of flowers..deepened into lavender and purple..and I was entranced..captivated..

I swear to you yesterday..it was not that big..the leaves were not so rich and deep..the color..not so crazy rich..

I grabbed my shears..filled vases with water..and gathered bouquet upon bouquet..because it demanded to be touched and loved..

As I cut one bloom..another leaned forward..till finally I had a vases filled with the purple hydrangeas..

And placed them in near every room..

It made me think of endurance..filled with perseverance..to get to a certain place..whatever it may be and whatever it may contain..

To start out thinking you are one thing..and you be that color..that sound..and then to come to find out you are another..and to be willing to go there..

Right as the sun went down..I went out and peeked…at the hydrangea..which reminded me of so many adventures..thoughts..places down this road I have traveled..

It had tucked away a bit for the night..it laid its head slightly down..and I felt a sigh..leaves clasped other leaves..resting on the branches and friends around them…

Yet the flowers..the sparkling jewels..color to color..were reaching for the stars..awaiting the sparkles of the heavens..doing the dance steps..the best they knew how..and bringing the heavens..just a wee bit closer…


~ by HopeGlenn on June 8, 2012.

One Response to “Purple Hydrangeas…”

  1. Touchingly beautiful. I love this story.


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