I admit it…really..I love flavored creamers for coffee…

They win hands down over half and half..or milk..

And I think they are the greatest invention since straws…

Creamers give me instant sweetness..instant I start my day..

And they always make me if I am being unfaithful to my half and half..the sugar bowl..

If one goes to the store..and peeks in the refrigerated section of creamer products..your jaw just may hit the floor..

It is like entering the fancy ice cream shops..with rows and rows of flavors and doo dads to adorn your ice cream..or the well known coffee shops who have flavors from around the world to make delectable coffee milkshakes..

It takes a moment to gather oneself as you peruse the flavors and the various brands..and how they define French Vanilla..Carmel..Chocolate Decadence..and my favorite named creamer..Simple..?

What exactly is that flavor…and who decided creamer was simple..?

I usually grab the French Vanilla..toss it in my cart..and continue my drone walk through the supermarket..

Yet I always find myself hearing the creamers calling me..telling me to try something different..have Pralines and cream in the morning…Chocolate Decadence..

And I usually pay them homage and then slink away..because the milk is giving me the evil eye..

And I step into negative..self talk of not thighs will grow..I have to do some good equal out buying flavored creamer..and many a time I have returned the creamer to its shelf..and then the milk and I share company…

But yesterday..I pushed past all the talk in my head..the chatter..the thigh subject..the deserving aspects..and grabbed the Carmel looked out of place in my cart of bananas and on sale noodle dishes…filled to the brim with sodium..

I stepped up to the cashier..and I swear I saw her smile..saw her want to ask this was..?..because they know me in this store..and my habits..and they rarely change..

I got home..placed everything away and forgot about the creamer..until this I prepared my morning coffee..I smiled..because I was bold enough..brash get flavored creamer..

For more demon is quieted..

One more negative insult thrown at self has been tossed in the garbage..

One more belief of deserving for me or anyone else..checked off the list of accomplishments..

I thought it would be through something huge..some life altering event..that would make the news..

That I would discover I deserved…flavored coffee..which bring smiles..and made me slow down for a minute..and look at the blue sky.. was just through creamer..and maybe..because we all teeter on the edge..maybe else..should get that negative talk..slowing down..smiles..looking up…

And I am curious what flavor you would get…?


~ by HopeGlenn on June 8, 2012.

One Response to “Creamer..choice….”

  1. Now I’m craving hazelnut and caramel. Nice story. I’ll bet the creamer companies would advertise and sell a lot of their products well with your


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