Snap response..


Each used as a means to obtain control..diminish another human being..and boost oneself up..silencing of a voice…

And then one becomes a contradiction…of what they are trying to be..or state they are trying to be..

I have been insulted..been given a snap response to my thoughts..feelings..punched with fists and words..kicked..and had numerous blows..and I am still here standing..still loving..still ever hopeful..even towards the person who had their Wheaties pissed in..and then decided to piss in mine…

Are we so full of believe we know best for everyone else..when we have no clue..what is best for ourselves..?..

The thought…the implication..that we have any ability to decipher..and add input into another’s experience..and thoughts..brings me to absolute delirium of silliness…

The brashness..the layering of do what..?..silence another..?..tell me how does that work for you..?..the one who goes along..rooting out weakness..and then exploiting it…

It is an easy task…to insult..another through the easy..especially if the one you are insulting..has let the walls down..and become vulnerable and real…showing the tender, pink spot…

Yet it is much harder, difficult at stand in that see the life..the moment..the pain..the vulnerability..up close..

It is easier to assume and bait from afar..and you can smile and go about your day…and that is indeed sad..because you believe this is truth..and the way to live…because I showed myself..and spoke about have no clue about…

I dare to believe there is another I make my way through the bramble and brush..of those words..spewed like vomit…

You say I will be the only one standing in that space..and that I am fooling myself..and I should stop writing..

You have a right to your opinion…does not mean anyone hears it…nor gives it much thought..because they are busy in kindness..

Oh that is have no idea..what that is..


~ by HopeGlenn on May 30, 2012.

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