The Smile Complex…

It appears from some recent interactions…there is a need to make another smile..or at the minimum..have a smile on their the other person can feel better…

And this I do not get…

The incessant need to have everyone smiling…and then to tell them to smile..because they have so much to smile about..really..? do you know…?

I have had people..look at my pictures…meet me..and express the urgency of telling me to smile…and it gets me curious..and just a tad bit disturbed..and unsettled…

Are we so afraid to look at this world..or the world another lives in..that we must tell them to I can feel better..?..Really…sad..actually..

I suppose because I am upright hair and blue eyed..I should smile..?…or I have this or that…or whatever thing..thought..or item one thinks I should be grateful for…and guess what..someone else has it worse…yeah I got that..

Yet if we refuse to look at those around..encircling us..who have it rough..having a difficult…and tell them to smile..we negate the human condition..and we fail on treating the human condition..

When we put conditions…lives..on a scale of intensity from one to ten…and give merit only to those who are going through the roof..we destroy..and in truth disable them..and most assuredly ourselves..

Some days we smile..and no one sees it…and some days we smile and everyone sees it..and some days..there is no smile..regardless of how grateful or ungrateful I am…

My smile or no smile has nothing to do with who I am as a gratitude…

Yet it has everything to do with what is happening at that moment..that second of time…I am dealing with..and the person in the grocery store..or the one sitting in the car..all have their thing happening..

And perhaps..just can offer them…a you help them get something off the high shelf..hold the door..look at them through your car window..

And instead of telling them to smile…give them one of yours…with no ties and binds…and maybe..just can see them..and what is the reality of their life..and you can help them smile…again..because honestly…in life…sometimes we forget…we have lost our smile…

And the simple..gentleness..of a kind..true smile..makes this world..this day..this moment..approachable again..and again..and again…


~ by HopeGlenn on May 18, 2012.

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