Oh..the beginning of May..the time to begin anew..set another course..perhaps different..pursue other paths..or perhaps follow along in the life you have known..and have sought for more than just this moment…

For me it is a day to start something new..a day to begin thinking something can be addressed and formulated from a different perspective..

A day to believe that all my needs..hopes and desires will be met..and places and thoughts I wish to venture into will be accessible..and on this trajectory I have established..

Today is a day when I do begin a new “thing”..a new program…a new place of thought..and the actions..steps I take will resonate with that decision I made…and it is a good decision…one I have hoped to come to throughout all the events which have been engaged since the beginning of this year..

I am going to relish..and smile..that finally..I am able to put into practice the information I have gathered and stored…from the observations of me sitting back..and letting life move in front of me..and me being a stage hand..not one of the lead players..today I start forth into the venture of “okay..let us see how this works..”…and I start it with a cup of tea..rather than coffee…and that bis a mighty act in itself…

Yet today is for me..really about reflection…and how I am proud of this path I have moved upon..and events..days leading up to this day..have confirmed..this is the best decision…and it is another step..another thought in the right direction..at least for me…

I always thought I would feel a certain way..I always thought I would think a certain way…I thought things were not possible..but they are..I am just not the nineteen year old girl..figuring out the way to go..I am nigh fifty..and that in itself is a feat..a success..

So today and moving into this month..this season…I venture forward..looking ahead..yet with the occasional glance to what has happened…and what I have become because of it..it is a time to look closely at this woman…and I will look at the past..even though some tell me this is a fatal error..I agree..I must keep moving forward..yet I must reflect on the past…

I must see how certain events keep coming about and coming about..and why…? how am I dealing with them..?…

This is a time..when mercies unfold..miracles happen…and I become my friend again….

Why not..? after all it is May 1st…..


~ by HopeGlenn on May 1, 2012.

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