I had nothing to learn…

I have the tendency to approach most things in my life with the attitude of something is here for me to learn…

And this time was no exception…these events or the culmination of events has shown me that I simply get to be one of the players in the drama going down..my lesson was like the stage hand…simply place the prop where it needed to go and then get off the stage..this was not about me..

There was no hidden message..why did I meet this person or that person..why did the person look at me just then..or why did the bird fly by me…?

I just got to be part of the supporting cast..I did not even have the understudy role..the one I think most people would like…the position we get to take in case the lead actor has a breakdown..and with a flourish we step in and the “show goes on”…

It was odd..but comforting to realize…I was watching someone else get something..someone else figure it out and make their way through the maze…and if needed..if I became one of the speaking players for a second…sending all my best hopes..that they figured it out before you got on the ride where the bottom dropped out..

Yet most of us..do not have such luck…the universe sends us signs..words..people..alarms going off…and yes animals walking into your path.

Like I had the other day on my walk..four deer..beautiful white tailed deer stepped onto the pathway as I was striding along…I froze and so did they…and they looked at me eye to eye…and for that second I got they were just there..alive…and a reminder that life is happening..whether we participate or not…and then I walked on…see I was just a supporting cast member..not even the understudy…

I liked being in the crowd..in the audience..and just getting to ooh and aah at how bright the lights were..how great the makeup looked..and who sewed those fabulous costumes…

I liked being the one..who had nothing to learn..having the leading role..and not having the script before the drama went down…I knew what to say..I knew how it felt..and I waited..and I will wait…because I remember the hugs..the pats on the back..the cool drink of water…the smile…of after…after I had learned what I needed to learn…and the simple words I cherish…

It is going to be okay…been there..done this…have the t-shirt…and the poster signed by the movie star…it is going to be okay…


~ by HopeGlenn on April 28, 2012.

One Response to “I had nothing to learn…”

  1. You have written yet another wonderfully proper and poignant story here. Also a nice pinch of humor.
    Good work my friend.


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