It is the scary word..choice….

When one is offered a opportunity to decide between an assortment of variables…we freeze…options..decisions..opportunity..all seem to close a person down…it seems that in that choice we are revealed as to what is of the most value to us..what path we want to travel;..and will it meet acceptability in the eyes of others..

It also steps into the arena of accountability..another word which scares people and makes them flee to the dark corners of the room…accountability in our choices..our words..our actions…our thoughts…because each one is decided by us..through the mechanisms we allow to color and flavor those choices..thoughts..words..actions…choices..

Nobody likes accountability..even..

If it was the best..strongest choice and decision we have ever made…very few like to speak that they have made a healthy choice..and gone against the popularity vote..because it makes one stand out..makes one look like they are wearing bright orange neon..with green makes one stand out from the crowd..places them in another playing field..alone…

Choice for me  has always been..and I think will always be from evaluating the things around me..whether quickly or from years of observation..choices have been made from watching one keep their word..or not keep their word and the reasons as to why it can or cannot be kept..

I have watched worlds crumble through choice and then seen others mumble under their breath…how did this come about…

I have seen structures built from toothpicks and made beautiful because a decision..a choice was made..and the innate heart spoke…

Choice..decisions..paths to go down or not..all will bring about a flurry of activity…it will enact a behavior this world does not like to have..accountability…

Accountability makes our soft underbelly exposed..and we are seen as need..and in strength..Accountability makes one not be selfish and face the choice…even if it means we go without…we are inconvenienced from the actions of choices..

Choice…what to do..what to be..and why..?

I stand in choice..every moment of everyday…and now I relish in makes me smile…because my choices…my prayers sent to the universe..are not these panic filled moments..because I had to spend all my time in decision making…and frantically cleaning up the mess that formed around me…

It has now become about observation..looking at behavior..listening to words..and seeing what arises at times of distress..and when one is butting heads with another..what comes up in glee…and sunshine…look about…it is a trip of a lifetime… to pay hold myself to my word..and yes hold another to theirs…

It is hard work..and takes my heart..which I engage in every opportunity…imagine that…

And I do it..because I want to be pleased with myself..I want to like myself..I want to look in the mirror and not flinch…I want to know..I kept true to me..and I decided on a path of love and consideration for others and myself..something that seems old fashioned and of very little use in our society today..


And as starts with me…imagine that…


~ by HopeGlenn on April 24, 2012.

One Response to “It is the scary word..choice….”

  1. True and perfect in essence that we all have to adhere to and practice for the love of inner outer and global peace. That’s just what I interpreted and get out of this blog.


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